Freddie Starr's fourth wife who accused tragic comedian of 'physical and mental abuse' says she's 'devastated' over his death

FREDDIE Starr's fourth wife, who accused him of "physical, mental and emotional abuse" has said she is "devastated" at his death.

The comedian was found dead on the floor of his Costa Del Sol apartment this week, having moved there in the wake of historic sex claims.

Sophie Lea, 37, married Starr in 2013 before they separated – but were never able to officially divorce as she claims he ignored her request for one.

She said her husband suffered with the pressure of being arrested under Operation Yewtree, and alleged he took it out on her.

In a blog post in 2016 she wrote: "The effects of all the abuse had a dramatic impact on me.

"I tried to open up to him, telling him I was struggling and that I needed help especially with the self harm.

"If it was easy to leave then I would have, I personally was so trapped, everything that happened had to be kept to myself, I was silenced by him, I couldn't speak to my family even if I wanted to, all my phone calls were monitored."

But yesterday, after learning of the 76-year-old's death, she told the MailOnline: "Although we broke up a long time ago I was devastated to hear the news of Freddie's death.

"We hadn't spoken for a long time despite still being legally married after he moved to Spain.

"Although we had our differences that's all water under the bridge now.


"I'd like to be left alone now to just remember him for the fantastic comedian he was and the pleasure he brought to his millions of fans."

The comedian fled to Spain after losing a rumoured £1million years after rocketing to fame on a UK talent show, and becoming infamous after The Sun's iconic headline of "Freddie Starr ate my hamster" in 1986.

He had been forced to sell his £700,000 UK home and move abroad in 2015, despite never being charged over claims he put his hand up a girl’s skirt in 1974.

It emerged he spent his final days singing in Spanish karaoke bars after being left suicidal following his arrests on sex abuse allegations.

His pal Jim Davidson said the comic was left “broken” by the police probe, adding: "He told them he was going to kill himself and that he was going to eat concrete."

Freddie was arrested four times between 2012 and 2014 under Operation Yewtree — the investigation into allegations of historic sex abuse against celebrities including Jimmy Savile – before being released without charge.

His friend and carer, who found him dead, said he hadn't heard from his family for years.

Nelly Georgieva, 47, said: “I hope to hear from his family, his daughter or son. I don’t know what to do. I want the embassy to call me, to tell me what’s happening, what they’re doing with him.”

The dad-of-six first got married at 17 and had a son, but divorced Betty after 12 years. He then got hitched to second wife Sandy, with whom he had three more children.

When Starr was approached about the allegations of abusing his fourth wife in May 2016, he said: "I deny ever verbally or physically abusing her. I deny that completely.

"It is completely phoney and false."

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