GB News’ Ellie Costello speaks out on stalking hell

GB News: Ellie Costello told to switch off cameras

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The GB News host has bravely opened up on how she was left suffering panic attacks and unable to “breather or speak” after she was stalked by former ITV star Leo Jones. Jones had appeared as a travel expert on GB News. After appearing alongside Costello, he went on to bombard her with messages. On November 24, Jones was given a 26-week custodial sentence, suspended for two years, and a five-year restraining order.

Jones was first interviewed by Costello on GB News in August 2021 and the pair exchanged messages of thanks after the broadcast.

He later appeared on the same show as Costello in October and began to bombard the host with messages.

Jones suggested they host a travel show together and even turned up at the GB News studio in Paddington asking to see Costello.

The former Airline star later sent flowers with a note reading: “Something to say a good morning from Leo X.”

When reporting in Windsor for the Queen’s funeral, Costello spotted Jones walking towards her with his hands in his pockets.

She called police but had a panic attack as she struggled to explain what was going on.

When police arrived to calm her down, Jones had disappeared.

Costello has now spoken about her year of hell as she appeared behind a curtain at St Albans magistrates’ court.

She told the court: “I’ve been left shaken in the aftermath of Leo Jones getting so close to me.

“I had a panic attack, I couldn’t breathe or speak, when I realised he had got so close to me I really freaked out.

“He must have followed me after watching my broadcast that morning.

“It has made me nervous about getting out of cars and going to places by myself.

“In my job it is impossible not to say where I am, I have a security officer to make me feel safe at work.

“The security officer has taught me ways to help keep myself safe, to wear less bright colours, to tie my hair up, how to position myself in relation to a road, to face outwards to see threats coming.

“I have had to change how I behave at work and everyday life.”

Costello continued: “I would not wish this upon anyone. I just want to feel safe and safe at work.

“The last 16 months have been ones of constant worry, constant stress and constant strain on my life.

“The thought of seeing his face makes me cry. I am frustrated at myself for letting it go on for so long.”

Jones pleaded guilty to causing Costello distress and mental anguish.

He has been given a 6-week custodial sentence, suspended for two years, and a five-year restraining order.

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