GB News pundit blasts aid farce after India overtakes UK GDP

GB News pundits blasts farce after India overtakes UK GDP

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Toby Young blasted the tens of millions of pounds being sent from the UK to India as a foreign aid farce. Speaking on GB News, the conservative commentator remarked that “any country that has a space programme” fails the test for receiving foreign aid. This comes after India overtook the UK as the world’s fifth-largest economy last month.

India’s economy is set to grow by seven percent this year, leading it to leapfrog Britain into fifth place according to the IMF.

India has witnessed a rapid rise in its economy given that it was the eleventh-largest economy in the world a decade ago.

Despite this, Britain sent £55.3 million to the country in 2021/22 as part of its foreign aid programme.

GB News host Michelle Dewberry called for the “monumental overhaul for the whole thing”.

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Mr Young responded: “I have a test for foreign aid.

“If the country in question has a space programme, I don’t think we should be giving it tens of millions of pounds every year.

“India fails that test. It has a space programme, so why are we giving India foreign aid?

“There are some deserving recipients of aid. Genuinely poor countries that benefit from foreign aid. 

“It also helps to build the relationship between Britain and those countries. But India, no.”

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Political consultant Emma Burnell, also on the programme, said that foreign aid helps Britain’s soft power.

She added: “There are places and people in India with levels of poverty significantly lower than ours even if they have a higher GDP.”

The size of India’s economy amounted to $845.7 billion while Britain had a value of $816 billion.


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The IMF predicted that the gulf between Britain and India in terms of GDP would only grow.

The nation of 1.4 billion people is on track to move into third place behind the US and China by 2030, according to economists.

Currently, Japan and Germany make up the rest of the rankings.

Meanwhile, the UK’s fall in the economic rankings comes as the country suffers a cost of living crisis and a risk of a recession.

There has been chaos in the markets and a fall in the pound in the aftermath of Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-Budget.


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