Gemma Collins eyes up £1.8m home in exclusive Chelsea neighbourhood as she insists 'the GC's worth it'

GEMMA Collins has told The Sun that she is eyeing up a £1.8 million home in an exclusive Chelsea neighbourhood, insisting "The GC is worth it".

The 39-year-old star stumbled across the pricey street after taking up bike riding during lockdown – and buying one of the lavish homes is now on her bucket list.

Although Gemma teased that she initially set her sights on Buckingham Palace, bike rides around the swanky surrounding area – including upmarket Knightsbridge – unveiled her dream home.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, the TV favourite shared: "I've literally got the best kind of obsession right now, which is cycling around London on a bike.

"I've been cycling up to Buckingham Palace a lot, obviously I dream of living there, and on my bike ride I found a street called Egerton Place and thought: 'Wow, I need to live here one day'.

"So that is on my next bucket list for my goals in life."

Properties on that street sell for an average price of £1.8million – although one luxury flat sold for as much as £2.2million in May of this year.

Marvelling at the pricey area's beauty, the self-proclaimed diva added: "Egerton Place get ready for me honey, The GC is coming.

"It's the most beautiful street I have ever seen, that's my next dream place to go.

"The GC is absolutely worth it."

In October of this year, The Sun revealed that Gemma raked in £5,000 a week during lockdown by barely lifting a finger thanks to her lucrative career in fashion and reality TV.

And last month, The Sun told how the TV favourite turned down a £200,000 fee to appear on the new series of Celebs Go Dating because she "makes more in half a day".

But Gemma may still need some help to land a place in one of London's most affluent neighbourhoods – and she reckons her latest venture could help her secure the house of her dreams, with it being announced today that Gemma is the new face of free-to-play lottery app BravoSpeed.

Users can expect to win up to £4.2million through the games, which encourage players to invite friends and family to virtually play along.

Gemma told us: "If I keep playing this game I could win £4million, so that would pay for the house!"

Encouraging fans to sign up, Gemma said of the new app: "Honestly, BravoSpeed has been a gamechanger for me, especially when I haven’t been out and about as much as usual.

"It’s so much fun to play with friends and family and couldn’t be easier – just download (for free!), watch a short video and you’re good to go."

She cheekily added: "And the prizes… If you want a chance to live like the GC I’d get your ass to the app store pronto!"

  •  Download and play the BravoSpeed free-to-play lottery app via the Appstore and Google Play;

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