Gemma Collins is back using controversial Skinny Jab injections as she wants to lose three more stone

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Gemma Collins got through lockdown by scoffing bread.

In the first episode of her show Gemma Collins: Diva Forever and Ever on ITVBe, she admits to eating a tiger loaf with butter on to console yourself.

"Yes, I know, I went through a whole tiger loaf bread with butter to cheer myself up," she tells new magazine in an interview this week.

"Everyone in lockdown turned to food and I certainly did in the first few weeks. I probably gained about four pounds. It was nothing major. "

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So the reality star, 39, has gone back on the Skinny Jab injections again after enjoying going to restaurants with friends.

"I’ve lost about 3 stone in weight. I've been back using the Skinny jabs again.

"Since lockdown's been lifted, I've been out to every single restaurant going. I'm paranoid that there's going to be another lockdown, so I’ve been to every restaurant on my bucket list. But I've had a good time.

"And now with Christmas coming up, I’m back on the Skinny Jabs for good now.

"I use the pen every week and it just really curbs your appetite. It's well needed for me after the lockdown. Basically, since the restaurants have been open again, I’ve been back on them."

In the series we see Gemma swanning around looking fabulous, especially in the gold metallic outfit she wears to Smith's at Ongar.

She says: "Yeah, it’s been a great amount of weight to lose. But I've still got a bit of a way to go if I'm being honest.

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"I still want to lose another two or three stone, you know."

But the star remains coy about how much she actually weighs now.

She says: "I never discuss how much I actually weigh.

"I don't think it's healthy for people, or younger girls, to say that I keep getting on the scales.

"I think it's great to not be obsessed with that sort of thing. You know it's how you look really and your health really is your wealth.

"That is what lockdown definitely taught me."

Gemma Collins: Diva Forever and Ever is on Tuesdays 9pm ITVBe

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