Gemma Collins is planning THREE weddings to Rami Hawash after revealing their unborn baby's name

GEMMA Collins is planning to have at least three weddings when she ties the knot to her boyfriend Rami Hawash, despite the fact he hasn’t proposed.

The reality star, who was engaged to him eight years ago but then split, said she is already dreaming up her big day after admitting they are trying for a baby.

She said: “I love a good wedding.

“I’m probably going to have about three weddings. I’ll have a real one, a showbiz one and… well to be honest my wedding will go on for about a year.”

Last week she revealed she has already picked out a name for their first born.

She explained: "Me and Mother Nature are at one, because I'm hoping to get pregnant soon.

"Maybe I should find a place in the forest where I can give birth to my Mother Nature's child.

"I might even call it Blossom. The Japanese blossom tree.

"I know the child's name – it's going to be called Blossom!”

Gemma also revealed she has dropped a dress size following a health kick, but doesn’t think she has enough time to transform her figure like Adele.

Speaking on The Gemma Collins Podcast, she added: “Everyone accused Adele of breaking the internet because she is back with her new album. I’m gutted I’m not appearing on the album doing a duet with her.

“But she said she works out three times a day and that is amazing, but she is Adele and she’s got time.

“She’s a massive celebrity and probably has a gym in her house. Good for her. She does weights in the morning, a hike in the afternoon and cardio in the evening.

“Adele, I’m your girl if you want some company. Take me with you.”

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