Gemma Collins takes a swipe at ex Arg and ‘lying’ and ‘manipulative’ boyfriends | The Sun

GEMMA Collins took a subtle swipe at ex James Argent as she warned fans how to spot "red flags" in a relationship.

The TV star dished out advice to listeners of her new podcast and touched on her troubled relationship with Arg.

Gemma, who is now happily engaged to Rami Hawash, originally dumped Arg, 34, after he refused rehab to treat his cocaine addiction.

She had stuck by him throughout his drugs and alcohol battle, however they split for good with Gemma ending their eight year romance in 2020.

Gemma, 41, told listeners: "Physical, emotional or mental abuse is not acceptable, substance abuse in a relationship is not acceptable.

"Narcism – for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it indicates that somebody is a bit self obsessed, they get illusions of grandeur and basically they are a nightmare – I’ve been out with many a narcissist honey."


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The ex Towie star then shared painful experiences where ex partners had lied to her face and insulted her.

She continued: "So I think the key red flags in a relationship include excessive jealousy or frequent lying.

"I said to someone once, what did you have for lunch? 'Oh I had a tuna sandwich and a can of coke.'

"And he opens his jacket pocket, a receipt falls out, he’s been in KFC for a bargain bucket. I get it, we all like a cheeky bargain bucket and we might not want to admit to it, but it’s still weird."

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She added: "You should also be really wary of a partner who frequently criticises you or puts you down. I have had it.

"I genuinely find sometimes men do get put off by a woman’s success … like ‘how can I match your salary?’ I’m not asking you too honey, I’m asking you to love me, rub my feet and make me a cup of tea. I’ve put up with that before."

Gemma and Arg are now on good terms and Arg later apologised for lashing out at his ex and calling her names.

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In an interview with The Sun, Arg said: "Anything negative I’ve said about anyone I deeply regret and I apologise for.

“But that row was a long time ago and a lot of the time, when you say negative things about other people, you’re really saying it yourself. It’s self-hatred.”

This year he unveiled his staggering 14 stone weight loss after turning his life around, and he is now in a new relationship with Stella Turian.

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