Ginny and Georgia season 2: Ginny and Marcus romance ‘sealed’ by star ‘She needs someone’

Ginny & Georgia: Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry star in trailer

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Antonia Gentry, who played the daughter in the titular duo of Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia, has spoken about what the second season of the hit show has in store for fans. Season one finished on a massive cliffhanger as Gentry’s Ginny runs away with her younger brother Austin (played by Diesel La Torraca) after finding out that their mother Georgia (Brianne Howey) poisoned their stepdad. 

However, while her mother is potentially facing murder accusations, Ginny and fans are focused on knowing who the teenager will end up with. 

By the end of season one, things are in a weird place between Ginny and her newest flirt Marcus Baker (Felix Mallard). 

After the two slept together, Marcus has gone back and forth on whether he thinks it was a mistake or not. 

But while there is a lot going on in Ginny’s life, her actress thinks there is still a future for the couple. 

“Honestly, I would hope so,” she said in a recent interview. 

“But Ginny, man, she’s got a lot on her plate. The girl needs to get her priorities in check,” laughed the actress.

“I hope. She really needs a friend right now, and if we ever see their stories continue, I hope that maybe he could be that friend for her, to be there for her. 

“Because I don’t know what I would do if I found out my mom scattered someone’s ashes or something that she killed,” said Gentry to TVLine. 

“I would probably also run away,” she admitted. “So she definitely needs someone to ground her, and I hope she finds that.”

The actress also spoke about whether Ginny’s previous relationship with Hunter Chen (Mason Temple) is now beyond repair: “Man, I feel bad for them all.”

“Marcus always has the right thing to say. Honestly, I don’t know. 

“If I were Hunter, I would just be kind of done with it. I feel like they are better off as friends, maybe, than in a relationship with each other, just because Ginny really has so much she needs to figure out,” said Gentry. 

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“With Marcus, he knows her secrets, and they have this really intimate friendship that is just different than the kind of intimacy that she has with Hunter.

“So I feel like, gosh, it’s just so complicated. If I were Hunter, I’d stay away from it all. That’s what I’m going to say,” laughed the actress, trying not to reveal too much about what it so to come on the Netflix show. 

The mystery most fans are wondering about though is where Ginny is headed after fleeing her home on a motorcycle with her brother. 

However, some have picked up on certain clues which may give out the answer. 

In the scene where Ginny is seen getting her things together, she picks up the book her father Zion gave her on her birthdays a few episodes prior. 

The book contained a coded message about Zion’s address, so the most likely start of season two will be Ginny heading to her father’s place. 

Although Ginny’s destination seems clear, Gentry avoided sharing exact details on what to expect if the series makes its return. 

A father-daughter reunion is likely since the show planted those clues. 

Ginny & Georgia is available to stream on Netflix.

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