Goggleboxs biggest secrets from restricted phrases to pay and food allowance

Gogglebox, the beloved TV show that offers a candid look into the lives of everyday people watching television, has captured the hearts of millions of viewers across the UK.

While the show is renowned for its authenticity and humour, there are many intriguing secrets and behind-the-scenes details that remain hidden from the public eye.

From the way episodes are crafted to the paychecks of the show's stars, let's dive into the fascinating world of Gogglebox's biggest secrets.

It takes just a few days to make each episode

The magic of Gogglebox begins behind the scenes, where an intricate process transforms hours of footage into engaging episodes.

Filming commences on a Friday and spans the week, but here's the kicker: the first four days are dedicated to reviewing and meticulously editing the recorded material. A staggering 99.9% of what's captured ends up on the cutting room floor.

The remaining clips are woven together just three days before the episode airs, with the finishing touch provided by the inimitable Craig Cash's voiceover work.

Filming is planned around the star’s schedules

Gogglebox aficionados are a diverse bunch, with full-time jobs and families to attend to. Thus, filming is thoughtfully planned around their schedules.

Each contributor is expected to devote at least eight hours to filming, which is spread across two days. This approach ensures that the show remains true to its roots: showcasing the authentic lives of its stars.

The sofas are filmed from another room

To maintain the authenticity of the viewing experience, the show's creators employ a clever technique: they keep the cameramen in a separate room during filming.

Two remote cameras, known as "hot heads," are utilized, with the TV crew remotely controlling them from a discreet location within the contributors' homes, often a spare room or kitchen. This approach enables viewers to feel like they're sharing the couch with the Gogglebox stars.

Stars are asked to avoid eating the snacks

Ever wonder why the snacks on the contributors' tables don't seem to diminish during the show? It's because they're not meant for consumption.

These snacks, whether doughnuts or popcorn, are mere props to create a homely atmosphere. Eating them during filming could lead to continuity errors, so contributors are asked to avoid indulging.

The same principle applies to the placement of pillows. They're carefully positioned to maintain continuity throughout the episode. Disrupting these pillows could confuse viewers, so the unspoken rule is to leave them undisturbed.

The stars of Gogglebox rarely cross paths

Despite being familiar faces to millions of viewers, the stars of Gogglebox rarely cross paths. In the real world, fleeting encounters at TV awards shows are often the only opportunities for contributors to meet each other face to face.

While they may exchange greetings and birthday wishes on social media, their virtual interactions tend to be the extent of their relationships.

Banned words and phrases

Regarding reactions and restricted words, formed Gogglebox star Paige Deville shared that the producers don't impose any rules upon them, but occasionally provide recommendations.

Paige likened the experience to a "pantomime" as "they prep you to say things and warn you about comments that won’t make it into the show."

She provided an example, revealing: "Once Boris [Johnson] was on and I was like, ‘Oh my God, well he’s not done anything has he? What has he done for this country?’

“They were like, ‘That was never going to be aired Paige’ and wanted me to say something like, ‘Oh my God, he’s doing a great job.'"

Do the show’s stars get paid?

One question that often arises is whether Gogglebox contributors get paid. The answer is yes, they do.

According to reports, each household on the show earns approximately £1,500 per month while actively participating. This income is then divided among the members of the household who are part of the show.

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