'Grey's Anatomy': Is Catherine Fox OK? 'I Love Her and Hate Her at the Same Time'

Grey’s Anatomy is full of fan-favorites like Meredith Grey and villains like Tom Koracick and Catherine Fox. It also doesn’t help that Catherine is the complete opposite of her husband Richard Webber, who fans adore. Ever since Catherine set foot in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in season 8, she has caught the internet’s ire with fans split on her strong-willed personality and ruthlessness. Recently the debate surrounding Catherine once again saw the light with fans conflicted about the character with a series of emotions.

Catherine has no problem being the villain

Everything Catherine does seems to be put under a microscopic view, with many fans arguing for or against the character. Catherine has proven countlessly that she doesn’t mind stepping on people’s toes to achieve what she wants. She is also not afraid of pulling rank when it fits the situation.

Although fans collectively agree that she might be the worst part of everyone, some defend her as a powerful woman who had to work hard for everything she has. Sometime back, some Grey’s Anatomy fans brought to light the conversation of sexism in the workplace, highlighting that Catherine might not be all that bad but is made to look that way due to sexism.

The fans claimed that sexism had a hand in the dislike for Catherine. Some fans claimed that if many of her controversial acts were done by a man, it would have been seen as strategic and calculated, but it’s seen as problematic since Catherine is a woman.

Although the argument makes sense, Catherine has done several questionable things throughout her career. For example, Catherine helped cover up Harper Avery’s sexual assault scandal, which saw him stripped of the honorary award named after him. Fans called her out as the cover-up, and her decision to rename the foundation didn’t help bring justice to all of Harper’s victims.

Catherine is everyone’s favorite character to hate

Fans have a love-hate relationship with Catherine stemming from her controversial decisions and constant meddling. Recently one fan on Reddit raised the discussion on Catherine being their favorite person on Grey’s Anatomy to hate. The user said, “She says to Bailey, ‘I wouldn’t dream of coming in here and telling you how to do your job’ and then does it anyway.”

The post gained traction, with several fans jumping onto the comment section with different reasons why they can’t stand Catherine. One fan said, “I love her and hate her at the same time,” to which another user replied with “I love to hate her.”

Another user said that Catherine was worth respecting, although she isn’t likable, with many commenting that she constantly dictates how Jackson should live his life. Others called out Catherine and Richard’s marriage, with one saying, “every time she comes to town, all they do is fight over hospital politics. Except for a few times, it seems like a loveless marriage.”

Some fans also called her spiteful, recalling when she bought a hospital for no apparent reason other than spite.

Catherine has a solid hold on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans

Regardless of the strong opinions about and against her from several of the show’s fans, Catherine has proven that she drives plenty of the action. When she was diagnosed with cancer, everyone forgot they hated her and began pleading with writers to spare her character.

This was admittedly a different take and reaction that fans would have had on a typical villain. As imperfect as she is, we can all agree that Catherine’s actions often come from a good place. Love her or hate her, Grey’s Anatomy wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is without the villainous Catherine Fox.

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