Harry Redknapp opens up about ‘scary lows’ and how I’m a Celebrity changed him

Harry Redknapp opened up about some of his hardest times in a brand new interview with former I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! campmate Fleur East on her The Reality of Reality TV podcast.

The former football manager showed a rare moment of vulnerability in the candid chat with the X Factor star.

Harry spoke about how his time on I'm a Celebrity changed his life, and how he had experienced some "scary low" moments ahead of his stint in the jungle.

Jamie Redknapp's dad, 73, shared: "When I went in there [the Jungle] with you guys, we had a laugh and it was fun. And it took me back to being a player again, when I used to love a laugh and a joke, you know? And it really did. And since I've come out, doing that show, and I've retired from football, then I have found myself enjoying myself much more and laughing and be happier. Although Sandra won't agree with that."

Harry then spoke about how he would sometimes come back to the family home on a Saturday night after being defeated on the pitch and he wouldn't be able to talk to anyone and feel like he was on a "scary low".

He continued: "I used to come home on a Saturday night, after a bad defeat, and I couldn't talk to anybody. Really, when I look back on it, you don't realise at the time, just how low you're getting. Scary, scary low. And that was how I'd be… Saturday and Sundays, when you got beat, were difficult times, you know?

"We never went out with anyone for dinner. I'd say to Sandra, "Don't make any arrangements to go out with anybody because, if we get beat, I'll be no use to anybody" you know? I just couldn't pull myself out of it. But no, I don't have that anymore now, thankfully. So, we're enjoying life more."

Harry then credited I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! with completely revolutionising his life and broadening his fanbase.

He shared: "It's changed my life completely. Now, it's women and kids who come up to me. It's not men anymore, talking about football. It's all women and children. Everywhere I go, little kids come up. These little girls wanting pics – it's weird.

"From when we come out of the jungle, Fleur, we went to Dubai me and Sandra. On the way home, we stopped off in Dubai. And we went out, the first night, we went out to a big steak restaurant, held about 200 and odd people. And as we're waiting for a table, someone saw me.

"Next thing, the whole restaurant stood up and they're all singing me name, 'There's only one Harry Redknapp.' I thought what's happened here? Sandra went, 'Hazza', she went, 'I thought we was supposed to be having a quiet life when you retired. What you done to me?' And that was it; it was crackers."

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