Holly Willoughby fears people think she loves TV career more than her children

This Morning'sHolly Willoughby has revealed that she worries about what people think about her and her love for her children.

The presenter expressed that she is aware that some people may think she must love her career more than her kids, as she often skips out of taking them to school due to work commitments.

The star said she regularly missed taking her kids – Harry, 12, Belle, 10, and Chester, seven – to school in the mornings, because she has to work on daytime TV and she struggles with mum guilt as a result.

Speaking on The One Show, she said: "I feel guilty about everything. It's totally normal. But what I would say is – and this is what I really have to focus on – where's the guilt coming from?

"Because I think the problem with working mums is that I'm feeling guilty because I'm not there to drop my kids off in the morning, because I have to go to work."

Holly also explained that her guilt actually comes from worrying about what others may think of her parenting, rather than her own internal feelings.

She added: "What I'm feeling guilty about, is that in some way I'm telling myself that I clearly don't love my kids because I love my career more than my children, which is why I'm choosing to do this.

"And of course, that's not the case. I know that's not the case because I know I love my kids more than anything on this planet. So why am I thinking like that? And it's because I believe that's what everyone else is thinking.

"You just have to re-evaluate whose opinions you're living by. Are they yours or someone else's?"

Holly's candid chat comes after she stunned fans while looking drop-dead gorgeous dressed up as Cluedo's Ms. Scarlett for the Halloween murder mystery special on ITV's This Morning.

The This Morning team deliver a Halloween edition of the show each year. Holly has had a number of dress-up options each year.

In the past, fans have seen Holly dressed as a unicorn, a zombie fairy and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz Each year.

However, this year was her most glamorous to date.

The mother-of-three wore a bright red, strapless gown which was quite the contrast from her everyday look on the show.

The figure-hugging dress was borrowed from her mum, Linda.

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