Hollyoaks Juliet stars life – Mr Kipling fame to glam off-screen transformation

Niamh Blackshaw, 21, is known to viewers as Juliet Nightingale in the Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks.

This week's episodes see Juliet confront stalker Timmy, who has been following Peri Lomax, with life threatening consequences for Juliet.

Blackshaw has played Juliet since 2018, and during that time, fans have seen the character become involved in some of the soap's major storylines.

Many fans don't know that before Hollyoaks, Nightingale had a role in a rival soap and also starred in an advert for a major food company.

Blackshaw was born on November 19 1999 in Manchester, and was educated at Canon Slade School.

Before playing Juliet Nightingale in Hollyoaks, Blackshaw starred in Coronation Street in 2017 as Lara Cutler, a friend of Bethany Platt, who was an abuse victim of Nathan Curtis in the soap.

She also starred in the 2018 short film Landline, before joining Hollyoaks in the same year.

Talking to Metro about the future of her character in Hollyoaks after Timmy's attack in last night's episode, Blackshaw said, "There should always be worry.

Those steps are very steep and very tall! She’s definitely not going to escape injury free but at the same time she is tough!

"If anyone can survive that then it’s Juliet."

Blackshaw has shared photos of herself playing Juliet and also at the British Soap awards on social media.

She also shares photos of herself in a variety of stunning outfits on social media including one in a stylish beige suit jacket, with white tennis skirt and red vest top.

One fan described the photo as "gorgeous", with another fan saying "absolutely stunning."

Aside from her soap roles, fans have spotted the actress in an advert for Mr Kipling, which features a teenager taking a cake home from a party for his sister, who has been revising in her bedroom.

Blackshaw played the sister, who tells her little brother to "get out", but smiles when her brother leaves her a Mr Kipling cake.

Soap fans have also spotted that the actor who played her little brother in the advert is also a soap star.

Ben Hackett, who played Blackshaw's brother in the advert, starred as teenager Will in Coronation Street in 2020.

Hackett's character Will called up the charity helpline where Todd Grimshaw and Paul Foreman worked, with Paul risking his job to meet Will in person.

However, it was revealed that Will had been hired to break up Paul and his boyfriend.

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