How old are EastEnders’ Honey and Jay – and are they getting together?

JAY Brown will admit he has feelings for Honey Mitchell this week in EastEnders – and that their kiss over the festive season did mean something. 

But how old are Honey and Jay are are they going to strike up a romance? Here’s the lowdown…

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How old are Honey and Jay in EastEnders?

Jay was born in October 2994, which makes him 26 years old.

Meanwhile, his love interest Honey is 44 years old, so the pair have an age gap of around 18 years. 

But the huge age difference isn't the only romantic obstacle the pair have to overcome.

Viewers will remember that Billy fostered Jay after the death of his dad, Jase, meaning that his ex-wife Honey is technically Jay's former step-mother.

Jay was also in a relationship with Billy’s granddaughter Lola until they split last year. 

Speaking about how a romance between Honey and Jay would upset her ex Billy, actress Emma Barton recently told “If anything did happen, it would be very complicated and cause quite a bit of drama because she, Jay and Billy have such a history together and poor Billy, he still loves Honey very much."

She added: “It might cause a lot of conflict.”

Are Honey and Jay going to get together in EastEnders?

Jay promised Billy that his kiss with Honey over the festive season meant nothing last night in EastEnders (18 January).

But spoilers have revealed that Jay will apologise to Honey for all the hurtful things he said later this week.

And in a shock twist, Jay will then tell Honey that the kiss really did mean something and admit he has feelings for her. 

It's not yet clear whether Jay's shock confession will lead to a romance between the pair, but that hasn't stopped fans dreading one.

One fan said: “Now I love mismatched pairings, I mean I'm the guy who's intrigued by Peter and Suki but I do not want Jay and Honey as a couple. I don't want Jay and Billy against each other and Honey has been like a mother to Jay. #EastEnders."

Another added: "#Eastenders. It does seem to be a bit unfair if Jay was to carry on his affair with Honey behind Billy's back. I don't blame him though I mean what have they got to loose anyway nothing. Billy and Honey would never get back together after what he did to her."

What’s the history between Honey and Jay in EastEnders?

Viewers know that Honey and Jay grew closer at the end of last year following her date rape ordeal. 

The shop assistant was drugged by her date Paul and led to an alley in broad daylight in horrifying scenes.

But Jay arrived just in time to save Honey from her evil date Paul and has been by her side ever since, supporting her when she went to the police to report the rapist.

The pair then shared a kiss over the festive period – much to the horror of Billy who walked in on their smooch.

What’s the history between Honey and Billy in EastEnders?

EastEnders fans will remember Honey first met Billy when Yolande set her up to lure Patrick into revealing his affair.

But Honey mistook Billy for Patrick and their relationship developed from there.

The couple split up in February 2018, after Billy revealed he’d slept with Tina Carter.

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