Im A Celeb stars never alone in jungle as cameramen loom above camp on balcony

One I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! star has confessed that the whole jungle is just a "set" and stars are never alone in camp, as camera operators loom above them.

TFI Friday star Catalina Guirado appeared on what was only the second ever series of the ITV reality show back in 2003.

As well as the shower being fake – and even featuring an on and off switch – everything, down to the vines on the trees and rocks on the ground, are just part of a set, she explained.

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Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Catalina said: "So the whole thing is fake obviously, it’s a set. At the top of the trees there’s lighting rigging. A lot of the vines around the trees are plastic flowers."

In order to protect campmates from the rain, Catalina explained that a parachute-like roof extends over the fire.

"There was a tent thing, like a parachute, and if it rained it would come out. I was lucky, I picked my bed, I looked up and worked out that you don’t want to be on the perimeter because if it rains you’re going to get splashed and the water is going to come down!

"Unfortunately when it did rain, that did happen [to others] – but I was totally fine."

She added: "There are fake rocks with cameras sticking out. You get there and think, 'It’s so obvious!' You know you’re being watched.

"You do actually just get used to it after a while, but it’s always in the back of your head.

"Now people are so aware of how reality works that they know how to play the game better. Having seen what happens to everybody else, they know what to expect. Some people might be a bit more candid on how they are portrayed on camera."

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Catalina has also explained how metal catwalks stretch above the jungle, and couldn't resist climbing up to them to test ITV's limits.

Taking to Instagram with a snap of her sitting on the rigging with Changing Rooms star Linda Barker, she explained: "Linda and I were bored one day and went for a walk.

"We found the ladders that went up the trees to the catwalks above the jungle where the camera crews all walked about onset above us.

"We decided to investigate and climbed up and sat there looking at the view until someone found us and made us come back down again!"


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