IT: Chapter 2 trailer terrifies fans as murderous clown Pennywise returns

THE film isn't even out in cinemas yet, but film fans are already terrified of IT: Chapter 2.

The trailer for the new Stephen King movie dropped today and Pennywise is back for round two.

The first look at the highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s It has finally arrived, and is set to scare audiences all over again.

The new trailer introduces us to the other half of King’s famous 1986 novel, in which the adult members of the Losers Club begin to confront their pasts and terrifying childhoods, whilst battling the murderous shape-shifting clown, Pennywise.

Jessica Chastain plays a now adult Beverly who visits her former home in Derry, where she meets a nice elderly lady – or so she thinks.

We know Pennywise is in the house the moment the door opens and he quickly transpires to have shape-shifted into becoming the old lady.

The grown up members of The Loser Club have long fled from the small town where they once joined together to defeat the shapeshifting malevolent clown called IT.

They then get the call they’ve been dreading for 27 years: It … is back.

The group made a pact at the end of the first film to return to Derry if the evil should ever resurface.


Now, we see Beverly, Bill (James McAvoy), Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), Richie (Bill Hader), Ben (Jay Ryan), and Eddie (James Ransone) all remaining faithful to their vow and returning to fight Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) — hopefully for the last time.

The new trailer has already got fans talking, with many left terrified by the reappearance of the dreaded Pennywise.

One tweeted: "I am both terrified and extremely excited. That scene scared the bejesus out of me when I first read it in the book! #ITMovie"

Another was terrified: "I loved the book and I SO want to watch it, but I'm too chuffin scared to!! [sic]"

This person was getting themselves psyched up to watch the trailer: "I'm ready for this as I am scared… So I'm a lot ready for it."

  • IT: Chapter Two will hit UK cinemas on September 6, 2019

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