ITV Big Brothers Jordan and Henry kiss in hot tub in steamy scenes

Sunday night's Big Brother took a rather steamy turn as Jordan and Henry shared a kiss while relaxing in the hot tub.

The pair had been involved in something of a love triangle since entering the house, with Jordan appearing unsure between Henry and Matty – but it seems he has now made his decision.

Recent weeks have seen the pair refer to each other as "husband" and share a few kisses, until Jordan told Henry that he only had platonic feelings for him.

However, it seems that he has changed his mind, with Sunday's episode seeing him make a move on the professional food writer.

As the pair sat in the hot tub, Jordan asked: "Is it bad that I kiss you? I kissed you, past tense. Do you think it's bad?" To which Henry replied: "No. Do you think it's bad?"

As the duo can't stop smiling, Jordan says "Henry stop" before leaning in for a kiss.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jordan says "I'll tell you a secret,' before getting out of bed and kissing Henry before heading back to his bed.

Back in bed, the lawyer asks: "Can't you come over here?" And when Henry heads over to the bed, he responds: "What are trying to say?" before the pair share yet another kiss.

And although they thought everyone else was sleeping, it appears to not be the case, as Jenkin announced: "I see them kissing!" As Tom added: "They were, I saw."

To which Jordan quipped: "I can't believe I kissed a Tory."

Fans, who had become rather invested in the love triangle in recent weeks, took to Twitter, with one writing: "Screaming crying, throwing myself against the wall."

And another quipped: "It’s all very end of a Disney movie. Jordan the actress! #bbuk."

While a third wrote: "obsessed with jordan having such a hard time telling someone he likes them that he just says "wanna know a secret" and kisses them like he is 12 year old. i respect it #bbuk."

It comes after Friday night's live eviction saw Chanelle and Trish axed from the house, despite the live audience chanting for Trish to win.

Since being evicted from the house Trish was scheduled to appear on Big Brother: Late & Live on Sunday night, but was axed from the schedule after a number of her old tweets came to light.

In a statement on social media, Trish apologised for the "harmful stereotypes perpetuated" in the now-deleted tweets."

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