ITV viewers switch off John Bishop minutes into show

John Bishop rants about the government amid strike action

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John Bishop opened his ITV show with a rant about the latest news headlines before welcoming his guests Craig David, Richard E Grant and Roisin Conaty onto the sofa. The comedian took aim at the government and the latest teacher strikes which have taken place this week. However, some fans branded the jokes in “bad taste”, while others claimed to “switch off” because it was too political.

He began: “The news in Scotland is exactly the same as the news in England just a bit more snow.

“And what we’ve got is we’ve got Rishi Sunak, who’s running around looks like a school prefect.

“Whereas Nicholas Sturgeon to be honest is like that geography teacher that you fancy but you just don’t know why.

“And in both countries, it was really interesting because the big news was the same… strikes all over the news this week.

“Wednesday was known as walkout Wednesday, which makes it sound like a slow park run.

“But it was the biggest strike in a decade, half a million people decided to walk out.

“And this included teachers, border guards, civil servants, university lecturers, and train drivers.

“Unfortunately, the only people who went to work with the government.”

Following the episode, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts about the show.

Dan wrote: “Can’t stand John Bishop. Don’t know why. Seems like a nice enough bloke, but can’t have him on.”

“#Johnbishop show on ITV hard work. Why he trying to be funny,” Garry Miller tweeted. (sic)

While user @dutchattalbot fumed: “@JohnBishop100 used to love watching John Bishop until he changed his talk show to political s****ing off (every week). Have enough of that in the news.”

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