Jacob in danger as Maya learns of betrayal in Emmerdale?

Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) has gone on the run with Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein), but he’s a frightened teenager with a conscience and when he tries to right his wrong he risks Maya’s wrath in Emmerdale.

After David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) found out the full truth about Jacob and Maya, Jacob went on the run with the school teacher, believing they could start a new life together. Before he did, he and his dad both said horrific things to each other in the heat of the moment as they both came to terms with the devastating truth of the situation.

David came to blame himself for his son being abused after letting Maya into their home and missing the signs of her behaviour.

But though Jacob ran, he still had his family on his mind. When alone in the hotel room, Maya told him they had to ditch their phones so that they couldn’t be tracked, but Jacob hid his under the bed.

David was beside himself in trying to find his son, and was hit by another truth when he learned that Liv had known about the abuse and used it to blackmail Maya.

He immediately confronted her and she explained everything, how Maya had threatened her life, and had taken David’s life savings to pay her off.

David then realised Liv was his last hope, and asked her to call Jacob.

In a rare moment alone without Maya who’d gone out to get pizzas, a guilty Jacob answered, and told her he’d never meant to hurt her. She then put his dad on the phone, who assured Jacob he hadn’t gone to the police and he apologised for what he’d said.

He begged Jacob to meet him, and Jacob promised him he’d message.

‘Maya’s not taking him away from me. I’ll get my son back if it kills me,’ David seethed after the call.

But when Maya discovers Jacob not only kept his phone but arranged to meet his dad behind her back, how will she react? She’ll be in self-preservation mode – she’s already thrown Jacob under the bus in other scenes where she tried to blame it all on him – will she do something terrible to the teen after learning of his betrayal?

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