Jana Duggar’s 'ex' Caleb Williams looks clean-cut in new sex offender mugshot as he fights for custody of child

JANA Duggar’s rumored ex Caleb Williams looked clean-cut in a new sex offender mugshot, as he fights for custody of his child. 

Caleb, 26, was arrested for criminal sex abuse after he was accused of sexually abusing a minor on or between May 2015 through May 2018.

Caleb is currently listed on the National Sex Offender and Illinois Sex Offender registries as part of his sentencing. 

In a new sex offender mugshot exclusively obtained by The Sun, Caleb appeared more clean-cut compared to his previous photos where he had longer hair. 

Caleb, who was once rumored to be courting Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest daughter Jana, 31, was 23 years old at the time of the crime, as his victim was just 16. 

The victim’s mother filed an emergency order of protection in July 2018 after learning her daughter was pregnant with his child.

Caleb was sentenced to 62 days in jail and 18 months probation.


Then in 2020, Caleb requested partial custody of the child conceived with the underage victim. 

In court papers obtained from an Illinois court, Caleb claimed his child with the woman was born in February 2019. 

The court papers read: “Caleb is more than capable of making important decisions in the rearing of the minor child and can provide the minor child with a healthy environment as well as love, adequate supervision, and attention. 

“Caleb can provide the minor child with a stable and nurturing environment, wherein [the child] is supported and [the child’s] relationship with [the mother] is encouraged and fostered.”

He claimed he and the mother are “both fit and proper parents and each is a suitable caregiver to allow for an allocation of meaningful parenting time for each parent with the minor child.”

Caleb claimed he has “not been allowed any contact with [the child.]”

The filing read: “Caleb is concerned that [his daughter] will soon begin to suffer irreparable mental and emotional damage from the ongoing separation from her alleged paternal father.”

Caleb requested parenting time, parental responsibilities and an order to determine child support. 


The mother responded by refusing to give him custody of their child. 

She noted that in January 2020, Caleb pled guilty to aggravated criminal sexual assault in regards to his relationship with her. 

She said that because of his guilty plea, he “shall not be entitled to an allocation of parental responsibilities or parenting time without consent of child’s mother.”

The court papers claimed: “The children’s mother does not consent to parenting time or an allocation of parental responsibility as requested by [Caleb].”

The mother also noted that Caleb has “not paid any support for the minor child and is obligated to do so retroactive to the child’s birth.” 

She is requesting the court deny his requests, and order him to pay child support and her court costs. 

Caleb responded by asking the court to grant his request for parenting time. 

The case remains ongoing. 


Caleb was rumored to be dating Counting On star Jana, the oldest Duggar daughter.

Caleb resided near the Duggar compound in Arkansas and was often photographed with family members at various events.

Since the charges, Caleb hasn’t been seen with the famous family.

Jana is now rumored to be dating Nebraska native Stephen Wissmann. 

In April 2021, Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest son Josh, 33, was arrested and charged with possessing and receiving child pornography. 

He pleaded not guilty and is headed to trial in November. 

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