Jeopardy! fans slam contestants for missing 'glaringly obvious' music clues in back-to-back Ken Jennings games | The Sun

JEOPARDY! fans were not singing its contestants' praises on Thursday after a music round proved difficult.

Viewers were stunned "glaringly obvious" song titles went unanswered – now in back-to-back Ken Jennings games, no less.

Ken, 48, has returned to Jeopardy! for his first week of shows since May.

Mayim, 46, was indeed swapped back out for the 74-time winner-turned-host in news that was tastefully tucked into the end credits last Friday.

She's hosted the past eight weeks, and he's now buttoned up to close out Season 38 ending this month.

The permanent hosting slot is still undecided – but tonight, less ambiguous was how little this week's contestants know about pop songs.

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Tonight, Ken read a clue from the "Name That Hitmaker" category.

"'In My Feelings' & 'Nice For What'" it went, referencing two pretty huge songs by rapper Drake.

Two-day champ Matt Mierswa didn't buzz in, nor did new players Emmie Trammell and Stan Scoggins.

"Those are songs by… Drake, as I think Matt realized just a second too late," Ken assured.

The host then stoically recited another two song titles for $1200: "'Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored' & 'Positions.'"

Again, no one knew the songs – this time by Ariana Grande.

"Wouldn't that be great if it were also the Bee Gees?" Ken joked, as there was another clue between them by that '70s group in the category. "But no it was Ariana Grande."

Finally, eventual champ and 'Dark Horse' Emmie was able to get one about Katy Perry.


After the rough round, viewers couldn't believe no one up was in tune with the current state of pop music.

"ARIANA GRANDE QUESTION ON #Jeopardy TONIGHT AND NO ONE GOT IT???" one Twitter user fumed.

"Can't believe they missed the Ariana Grande clue on jeopardy!!!
how tf did no one get the Ariana question right???" wrote another.

"No because that has me LIVID," wrote a third.


Last night, player Matt asked for the $400 clue in the “title that completes the rhyme” category, which was all about songs once more.

Decidedly not singing the lyrics to the tune of the Taylor Swift song, Ken simply read:

“And I’m just like oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh, you need to just stop, like can you just not, step on my gown?”

The clue was met with silence and a confused face from Matt, and the other two previous night's contestants.

One annoyed viewer tweeted even before the 'reprise' tonight: “Everyone who makes it on to #Jeopardy clearly has a crown in my book, but I cannot calm down when there is a triple stumper Taylor Swift clue.”

Another shocked social media user wrote: “Taylor goes unanswered at the top of the board!”

A third wrote, "none of the jeopardy contestants got the taylor swift clue shut the whole show down."

A fourth even said last night that Ken is no Alex Trebek when it comes to presenting music clues, which the late host really committed to, often rapping when it was required quite lovably:

"Ken phrased those Taylor lyrics horribly," they wrote.

Last month, another contestant proved that the charts shouldn't be glossed over when they guessed Diana Ross, 78, was "90," per the New York Post.

Returning champ Matt came in tonight with $50K but he went just 2-for-5 on the Daily Doubles over his first two games and missed another tonight.

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Scores going into Final Jeopardy were Matt at $23,400, Emmie at $15,800, and Stan at $5,600.

In the end, he was bested by red-haired Emmie who will return tomorrow night.

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