Jeremy Clarkson red-faced as he brands himself such an a*** in WWTBAM blunder

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Jeremy Clarkson has called himself "an a***" during his latest stint presenting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The former Top Gear presenter, 62, returned to screens for Saturday (September 3) night's instalment of the iconic quiz show and welcomed Helen into the studio who had just landed successfully on £64,000.

With no lifelines left, but her safety net on 64K, Helen had a free shot at £125,000 and was eager to find out what questions she had to tackle.

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Series host Jeremy asked the question: "The ruins of which of these ancient cities are the most northerly?"

The four multiple choice options were: “Babylon”, “Angkor”, “Chichen Itza”, and Petra”.

After Helen revealed that she studied the Middle East at University, she decided to "go with her gut" and chose Babylon.

As she locked in her final answer, Jeremy said: "Now I was sitting here thinking which of those were the two most southerly ones because they're further south then Iraq."

After admitting that was all "a waste of time" because Helen got the correct answer, Jeremy admitted he was trying to work out where these places are located.

He continued: "Babylon is 32.5 degrees North. Petra is 30.3 degrees North. Chichen's Mexico so 20.7 degrees North. And Angkor…"

Stopping in his tracks, the presenter realised he had read the question completely wrong as he exclaimed: "Oh! I was doing it the wrong way round."

Letting out a fit of giggles, the Grand Tour host said: "I was exactly right, but I hadn't read the question properly and then Angkor is yeah, 13.4 degrees North.

"Oh dear, I'm such an a***," he quipped as Helen laughed to herself.

"Luckily you read the question and you got it right!," the broadcaster said.

To take home one quarter of one million pounds, Helen had to correctly answer: "Clint Eastwood did not direct the film in which he played which of these characters?"

Not wanting to risk it, Helen decided to take the money and went home with £125,000.

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