JLS reveal Ed Sheeran ‘jumped at chance’ to write comeback single Eternal Love and wrote secret message in it for fans

WHEN I last caught up with JLS six months ago, the lads told me they were planning to reach out to Ed Sheeran for help with their comeback album.

But it turns out he didn’t just offer some ideas to Oritsé Williams, Marvin Humes, JB Gill and Aston Merrygold — he wrote them a brand new song.

The superstar penned the group’s comeback tune Eternal Love, which came out yesterday, and even included a secret message for their army of fans.

The boyband, who will also drop new album JLS 2.0 on December 3, said they are still pinching themselves about getting Ed involved.

Marvin explained: “We first met Ed at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 backstage, and we’ve seen him out on the road.

“We always said we wanted to work with him. So when we got serious, we got in touch with Steve [Mac, a producer] and Ed, and asked them to do something for us.

“When you listen to Eternal Love, there is a line that says, ‘Forever and a day,’ which is a nod to Everybody In Love, so this was specifically written for us.

“We were over the moon when we heard it. It is the perfect JLS record.”

Oritse added: “We had goosebumps. I was in the recording studio and as soon as Marv came out of the booth, I knew this song was a moment. He was beaming from ear to ear.”

The group, who were runners-up on The X Factor in 2008, are clearly psyched to release new music.

After signing a record deal with BMG, they have just put the finishing touches to their fifth record.

JB said: “It is classic JLS. We’re obviously a bit uglier and a bit older but it is JLS.

“We have experimented as much as we can. We have the right balance and influence of old and new.”

Oritse added: “It is classic and progressive. We have that recognisable, feelgood energy everyone who has connected with our music over the years knows

“But we have also injected some new melodies, some new production elements. Even on Eternal Love, Ed is a genius as we know, there is a new- school flavour for JLS there.”

Kids prefer toys to the boys

JLS’s kids have mixed opinions of comeback single Eternal Love.

Aston with sons Grayson and Macaulay, said: “My kids do not give a s**t.

They’re like, ‘Daddy, we’re really happy for you, now go away because we’re playing with our toys’.”

But JB said of his kids Ace and Chiara: “I am the opposite of that, my son and daughter want me to play it all the time.

“My daughter wants it on repeat or she gets upset.

“I have been trying to play them different songs from the album.

“They’re like, ‘No, we want Eternal Love. We want to hear that again’.

“I hope it is a good reflection of how other people will take it.”

Oritse’s torture instrument

NEXT month the band will begin their rescheduled UK tour – and are determined to party hard between their shows.

JB said: “Have you seen Marvin’s tour measures that he pours? He’ll pour us all doubles and there will be barely any Coke with them.”

And they revealed that one of the lads is a bit more high-maintenance than the others.

Aston said: “It depends this time if someone is going to bring 600 guitars on the road. Put it this way, there is an extra bunk for Oritse to put his stuff on.

“He has the most luggage you’ve seen one person have in your life. He’s a one-man band. He takes instruments on tour he can’t even play.”

But Oritse may have the last laugh, as he said: “Just for that, I am going to bring an entire drum kit.”

Best pack some earplugs, guys.

Vicky’s guy is close to snapping

PLENTY of blokes would do anything to be somewhere hot and sunny with Vicky Pattison looking this good.

But just one day into their holiday to Croatia, she confessed that her boyfriend Ercan Ramadan has had enough of being her personal photographer.

Posting this snap on Instagram, the former Geordie Shore star joked: “Ercan is already absolutely fuming to be back on picture-taking duty. But I’ve told him it’s part of the deal, so now he’s off sulking somewhere.”

On a more serious note, Vicky added: “It’s taken me years to come to accept my body.”

Ercan commented: “Literally got cramp in my fingers. I do take sick pictures though.”

It helps when you have a good model.

Scar's cheat dream

SCARLETT Moffatt had a row with boyfriend Scott Dobinson after he cheated – in a dream.

She was furious and refused to speak to the copper, after waking up from the dream in which he got it on with one of her teachers!

Speaking with him on their Scarlett Moffatt Wants To Believe podcast, she said: “You must have sewn the seed in my head. It is awful. I do wake up in a bad mood after I’ve had that dream. And I don’t speak to you for a while.

“This is a reflection of waking fears or a ‘what if?’ dream. What if Scott did cheat on us with my old school teacher? That is a dream I’ve had before – Mrs Tillotson. And I don’t know why you’d do that.”

Scott added: “Usually it’s like, ‘Get out, don’t come back, I don’t love you’.”

Drake Ye gibe

DRAKE has taunted Kanye West on new album Certified Lover Boy after Ye leaked the address of his home in Toronto on Instagram.

In a song called 7am On Bridle Path, which appears to be one long mockery of Kanye, the Canadian rapper accuses him of posting “out of desperation” and says: “I couldn’t give a f*** about who designing your sneakers and tees.”

Drake, who released the 21-track, 86-minute album yesterday, also insists he has surpassed Kanye in terms of success and accuses pals of not taking sides in their row.

He raps: “You over there in denial, we not neck and neck . . . 

“People that could’ve stayed on the team, they played in-between.”

This won’t end well.

Is it Adele’s Waterloo?

FORGET Oasis vs Blur – Adele vs ABBA might just become the most momentous chart battle of all time.

The Swedish group officially announced on Thursday that they have reunited and will release their first album in 40 years, Voyage, on November 5.

Their avatars are also embarking on a virtual tour after group members Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad worked with motion-capture technology.

But now it has been revealed Adele had also earmarked that date to bring out her as-yet untitled fourth album – which will be the first new music from her since album 25 in 2015.

If she does decide to push ahead with the same release day, it will lead to a nail-biting race to No1.

A source said: “Release dates are carefully planned and record labels usually talk to each other to avoid major artists releasing on the same day.

“But Abba and Adele’s new albums have both been such closely guarded secrets that those conversations haven’t happened.

“It is not easy to just move release dates because there are TV appearances, single releases and major campaigns all set up. If they do go head-to-head, the record sales will be absolutely huge and it is anyone’s guess who will emerge victorious.”

Abba have sold 400million records since 1972 and Adele’s 21 is the best-selling album of the 21st century.

This could be Abba’s biggest battle since Waterloo.

Katy: Vegas in my blood

KATY Perry has revealed her upcoming Las Vegas residency is a natural step to take because working there runs in the family.

The singer will kick off her Play shows at Resorts World in December and said: “I am used to spinning quite a few plates. I like the constant stimulation.

“It’s so funny to play there because my aunt was a topless showgirl dancing at the Stardust, and my grandmother was a seamstress for the show.

“Resorts World sits on the same ground, so Vegas is very much in my blood.”

Lil Nas and air

LIL NAS X made fun of cringey Instagram pregnancy reveals as he posed for this snap to announce the release date for new album Montero.

Cradling a fake bump, he wrote: “Surprise! I can’t believe I’m finally announcing this. My little bundle of joy Montero is due September 17, 2021.”

The record has collaborations with Megan Thee Stallion and Miley Cyrus, but a song with Sam Smith was ditched.


  1. Bad Habits – ED SHEERAN
  3. Remember –  BECKY HILL & DAVID GUETTA
  4. Black Magic –  JONASU
  5. Industry Baby – LIL NAS X & JACK HARLOW
  7. Hurricane – KANYE WEST
  8. Happier Than Ever –  BILLIE EILISH
  10. Kiss My (Uh Oh) –   ANNE-MARIE & LITTLE MIX
  • BAD Habits has a tenth week at the top for Ed Sheeran. Four more and he will equal the 14 weeks he spent at No1 in 2017 with Shape Of You – the most-streamed song of all time.


  1. Donda – KANYE WEST
  2. You Signed Up For This – MAISIE PETERS
  4. Screen Violence – CHVRCHES
  5. If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power – HALSEY
  6. Planet Her – DOJA CAT
  7. Only Honest On The Weekend – BECKY HILL
  8. We’re All Alone In This Together – DAVE
  9. Happier Than Ever – BILLIE EILISH
  10. All Over The Place – KSI
  • Kanye West sees off competition from other new entries from Maisie Peters, Chvrches and Becky Hill, despite Donda only being released on Sunday. It’s his first No1 here since 2013’s Yeezus.

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