Kardashian biggest photoshop fails: From Khloe Kardashian's 'unedited' bikini photo to Kim's 'six toes' and more

THE Kardashians have never been shy about flaunting their appearances on social media, though some of their snaps have led to major photoshop fails.

From Khloe Kardashian's "unedited" bikini photo of Kim's "six toes," the famous family members have had their fair share photo mistakes.

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Earlier this week, an unedited photo of Khloe, 36, posing in a leopard bikini went viral.

Many Keeping Up With the Kardashian fans noticed that her body didn't seem quite as toned in the snap, which got the attention of social media users.

The Sun exclusively reported that the Kardashians’ crisis management team has desperately attempted to completely remove the snap from the internet and has even sent out “legal threats” to take down the bikini shot. 

Despite their efforts, the photo of Khloe in the leopard-print string bikini from has continued to be widely shared on the internet. 

A source close to the famous family told The Sun that Khloe “completely lost it” and wanted it taken down "as soon as possible" when the post was shared. 

According to the informant, there was a “miscommunication” between the KUWTK star and her team about “what was supposed to be posted at the time.”

The source added: “She was freaking out and within minutes the photo already began circulating everywhere."

Khloe's recent photo fail is hardly the first for the famous family, as Kim previously appeared to have six toes in a photo shoot she did with sister Kylie Jenner, 23.

While promoting her fragrance with Kylie, the 40-year-old appeared to have a sixth toe popping out of her perspex heels.

The photo from August 2019 showed the mother-of-four and her young sister wearing matching one legged bodysuits, though it was Kim's odd extra toe that caught the attention of fans.

Many fans became convinced the reality star actually had a sixth toe, which prompted Kim to share a video of her feet in September 2020 to prove that she has only five toes on each foot. 

In May 2020, fans proved Khloe edited a photo when her  butterfly necklace magically disappeared in a photo that showed her with more defined facial features.

When she first shared the edited image, fans accused the star of having cosmetic procedures and going under the knife.

Speculation of her cosmetic surgery was shut down when fans noticed one Photoshop fail that proved the photo was editing.

Instagram users pointed out that Khloe's dainty Nicole Rose Jewelry butterfly necklace around her neck missing the chain on one side, proving that the photo was edited.

Back in October 2019, fans once again accused Khloe of editing photos when they noticed a change in her physical appearance- including the shape of her nose.

The mother of one insisted she has never had a rhinoplasty and argued her nose appeared slimmer because of contouring. 

The Instagram account Celebface proved that Khloe was lying when they shared side-by-side snaps of the star taken in the same month, which showed her with a seemingly slimmed downed nose that she likely achieved with the help of a photo editing software. 

Similar to her older sisters, Kylie was accused of altering a snap of herself in a bikini in April 2020.

The young mother posted a series of snaps at her Holmby Hills mansion, though many fans took to the comments section to note the strange alterations that had been made to the photo. 

The warped concrete pool edge featured in the snap was proof that an editing app like FaceTune was used on the photo, which has since been deleted.

More recently, Kendall Jenner was slammed by fans when she was accused of editing photos to appear like a Barbie doll in February.

The 25-year-old model was accused of photoshopping snaps from a SKIMS photo shoot that showed her with unrealistic proportions.

Fans slammed Kendall for "promoting unrealistic body standards" as they claimed the snaps were edited.

Later that month, Kendall was also slammed for "photoshopping" a lingerie photo as fans said her belly button and waistline appeared like a "glitch."

Additionally, Kourtney Kardashian was accused of editing snaps of herself in a bathtub as she was naked and covered in bubbles.

Instagram users said Kourtney's left leg looked much longer than her right one, while her head and neck in the photo also looked like they had been retouched. 

Earlier in April, Kylie was accused of "editing her waist" when she shared multiple snaps of herself posing in a bright yellow bikini.

Fans accused her of editing the photos to alter her body, as one person commented: "Girl you don't need to edit your waist in the second one. You look fine."

Back in February, Khloe blasted trolls for "photoshop" claims and said she looked very slim because of the "camera lens."

While sharing a snap that showed her posing in a bra and jeans, baffled fans questioned Khloe's super-skinny frame as she claimed her feet looked like they were "size 24" in one particular photo.

After fans accused Khloe of "photoshop," the KUWTK star tweeted: "It’s just the lens guys! LOL but some of these stories are really reaching."

In another tweet she wrote: "I mean..LOL how could anyone believe this is the size of my feet?! Zany face it’s the angle and the type of lens. And personally I think this camera lens is so f*****g cool. It gives the photo a different vibe and not the same old visual I always see. Either way, I’m happy with them."

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