Kathryn Dennis Says 'What Goes Around Comes Around' After Rumor About Cameran Eubanks' Marriage

Leva Bonaparte may be the new girl, but she isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

On Thursday's episode of Southern Charm, Bonaparte confronted Kathryn Dennis after she began circulating a rumor that Cameran Eubanks' husband Jason Wimberly had an affair.

"I'm going to start by saying that I was very, very upset this afternoon. Craig [Conover] told me what you had told him. I was literally ready to eviscerate you," she said to Dennis after pulling her aside at Shep Rose's birthday party. "I'm really trying to be calm because I'm so angry. I see red. You made something up. You were going after my friend and people that I love."

Bonaparte, who is longtime friends with Eubanks, said there was no truth whatsoever to the rumor, which Eubanks has also denied.

"That's a f—ing joke, it's a mockery, it's some bulls—. I'm a little emotional about this," she said. "They are a beautiful family, I don’t want any of this."

Both Eubanks, 36, and Rebecca Wash, the Charleston makeup artist who was alleged to have had an affair with Wimberly, have adamantly denied the allegations.

Without revealing the source of the rumor, Dennis, 29, made it clear on Thursday's episode that she had no remorse about speaking out against Eubanks.

"I know because I had a family that I thought was beautiful too, and Cam had no problem doing things to me," she said.

During a confessional, Dennis doubled down. "Remember the last five years, Cameran?" she said, referencing the women's former feud. "Did you know that quote your mom told you, 'What goes around comes around?' That's where we're at."

She also pointed out that her fellow cast members were quick to defend Eubanks when they didn't always extend Dennis the same courtesy.

"It's really annoying, quite frankly. If it was me or Madison [LeCroy], they'd be like, 'Yeah, that's amazing. Can't wait to talk about it, let's keep going. Let's get on a group text about it,'" she said.

And while Bonaparte was clearly upset with Dennis over the rumor, she said she was willing to look past it for the sake of their friendship.

"I want you to know that if you hurt somebody I care about, we'll have a problem," she said. "And I don't want to have a problem. I want to be out of it, I want to move forward. So let's just dead it. It's dead and done. We will let bygones be bygones."

Eubanks announced her plans to leave Southern Charm in May. At the time, she said her departure had "nothing to do with ridiculous and fake rumors about my marriage," and that the claim was simply a "ploy for ratings."

"Drama is needed to stay relevant on reality television and sadly false rumors about others are sometimes created," she said on Instagram. "Make of that what you will and consider the source."

Eubanks had been a leading player on Southern Charm since it premiered back in March 2014, even providing the show's voice-over narration throughout the episodes.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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