Katie Price disgusted as Princess, 14, is targeted by impersonator online spreading lies about her

KATIE Price has expressed her disgust after her 14-year-old daughter was targeted by an impersonator online. 

The 43-year-old, who campaigns against online bullying,  slammed the troll who has been spreading lies about Princess. 

Princess, whose dad is Peter Andre, revealed there was a fake account in her name, saying: “Hey guys, this is a fake account and they are going around adding people from my tik tok followers and saying things about me to random people that aren’t true.”

Horrified Katie shared her post and blasted the situation, writing: “Disgusts me people even at Princess’ age 14, people doing this to her #trolls.”

Princess has her own impressive social media following and her own YouTube account. 

Her parents were reluctant for her to be online at such a young age, but made the decision when she was 13 that she could start making videos.

Katie previously said: “Princess has started her own YouTube channel, too, and I definitely see her going into the industry when she is older.

“I can see her being an influencer or an actress, but I think all my kids will probably be performers.”

She added: “She was so excited about getting her own account. I said she could have one when she was 13. Pete wasn’t too pleased about that at first though.”

Mum-of-five Katie is very passionate about online trolling and launched her own campaign called Track  A Troll.

She started a petition to make it a legal requirement when opening a new social media account, to provide a verified form of ID, and where the account belongs to a person under the age of 18 verify the account with the ID of a parent/guardian.

She hopes this will prevent trolls being anonymous and "provide traceability" if an offence occurs.

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