Katie Price screams in agony as doctors remove 50 stitches from her ‘smashed up’ feet

KATIE Price screamed in agony as doctors removed 50 stitches from her "smashed up" feet.

The star was filmed moaning and screaming from the pain as boyfriend Carl Woods, 31, held her down.

In Katie's latest YouTube video Carl can be seen wincing as he watches the agonising procedure following Katie's horror fall in Turkey in July.

Doctors spent hours fixing Katie's feet during an operation last month but worked quickly to snip the 50 stitches and pull them out one by one using a small blade and tweezers.

At one point the doctor tugs at Katie's sensitive skin and she wimpers "stop" before moving her leg.

But Carl tells her: "Careful, it's bleeding".

Katie, 42, recently spoke about finally finding her "Mr Right" in her first interview since her accident in Turkey.

She told The Sun Carl had more than proved his loyalty in the aftermath of her horror injury.

But she admitted: “I just feel sorry for him because we started our relationship and now I’m in a wheelchair.

“He is so good, I’d be lost without him. If that’s not love I don’t know what is.

“I just hate it because I’m quite a strong bloody woman and now I’m weak and vulnerable.

“He stuck by me and that says a lot, and I’ve changed a lot to be with him as well.

“He’s the first man to have changed me in every way. So many men have tried to change me and I’m like, ‘No one tells me what to do’."

Despite her operations Katie said she's fit enough to keep the romance alive in their relationship.

She said: “I don’t want my boyfriend to be my carer, but at least I can keep Carl happy in the bedroom. Nothing has changed there.

“I just can’t do it standing up, I have to crawl along the floor so I’m at knee height on him — he’s got no complaints!”

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