Kylie Bunbury Might Have Just Spoiled the Twist for ABC's 'Big Sky' Ahead of Tonight's Series Premiere

Twitter users who saw her “GMA” interview with co-star Ryan Phillippe can’t unhear it

(Warning: Spoilers might lie ahead for ABC’s “Big Sky.”)

ABC’s new Ryan Phillippe- and Kylie Bunbury-led drama “Big Sky” doesn’t premiere until tonight, but some people already think they know the show’s big twist thanks to potentially spoiler-heavy interview the stars did with “Good Morning America” Tuesday.

During the sit down, which also included co-star Katheryn Winnick, Bunbury said, “I was shocked as well and really excited that ABC was taking a chance like this to kill off a star like Ryan. And I also had some deep thoughts about what his fans are going to think about it.”

Phillippe and Winnick both looked shocked at Bunbury’s remarks, with Winnick laughing and saying “spoiler” and “oops” before expressing her own thoughts about the show.

Umm I think the chick being interviewed about “Big Sky” on @GMA just said Ryan Phillipe gets killed off in the first episode so WHAT?!” one viewer tweeted.

“Did Kylie just spoil the ending on Big Sky that Ryan gets killed off – WHY would she do that ????? I was looking forward to the show but not so much now,” another wrote.

“So one of the starts of ABC’s new drama “Big Sky” just spoiled that they kill off Ryan Phillippe. Live. On GMA. Ryan looks PISSED.”

The version of the interview that is available for viewing via the “Good Morning America” website does not include the moment in which Bunbury comments on Phillippe’s characters death. A representative for “GMA” did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on if they video was edited and why.

Representatives for ABC network and ABC Studios declined to comment on Bunbury’s remarks and representatives for Bunbury did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request.

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