Liz Truss own former advisor lays into PM in scathing GMB attack

Government slammed by Buchanan over 'excruciating carnage'

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Kirsty Buchanan, who was a media adviser to Liz Truss when she was Justice Secretary, said she had never seen anything like the scenes in the House of Commons last night. The former advisor to the Prime Minister told Good Morning Britain that Ms Truss’ handling of the recent weeks has been “excruciating” to watch. The scathing criticism from a former top advisor deals another significant blow to Ms Truss, who is facing growing calls to quit.

Ms Buchanan was asked about the chaotic scenes on show in the Commons last night, which included U-turns on whether it was a ‘vote of confidence’ in Liz Truss.

Good Morning Britain host Adil Ray questioned whether the political advisor had “witnessed anything like this” before.

The close ally of Ms Truss described the scenes coming out of Westminster as “carnage” and “chaos wrapped in confusion”.

She said: “The last few weeks have been like watching the government through your fingers, it is excruciating.”

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Ms Buchanan continued: “But I have never seen anything like last night, it was carnage in the division lobbies.

“We had tales of MPs in tears.

“The whips had been insisting all day that this was a confidence motion for the Prime Minister and then at the very last moment they buckled because it appeared they didn’t have the votes they needed.

“There was a U-turn, there was confusion. There were reports of MPs being manhandled, and other MPs being shouted out.

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“The chief whip basically quit in the middle of the lobby. Then they un-quit within three hours.

“It was chaos wrapped in confusion!”

Conservative MP Simon Hoare has said that Ms Truss has 12 hours to get a grip on the situation.

Mr Hoare told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he feels “anger, despair, sadness” that the “good work which has been done over recent years appears to be dissolving before our eyes”.


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When asked if Ms Truss can still salvage her premiership, the MP responded: “Yes, but I think there are about 12 hours to do it.

“Today, tomorrow are crunch days. I have never known a growing sense of pessimism in all wings of the Tory party.”

Also on the Today programme, Crispin Blunt, who called for Ms Truss’ resignation on the weekend, said the Prime Minister’s position was “wholly untenable”.

Mr Blunt told the BBC: “It ought to have been clear that she did not have the capacity to lead our party and I don’t think she should have put herself up for the leadership in the first place.

“We need to effect change today in order to stop this shambles and give our country that governance it needs under our constitution.”


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