Long Lost Family mother and daughter get teary as they discuss their reunion after 50 years

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A Long Lost Family mother and daughter got teary on Monday's episode of Lorraine as they discussed their emotional reunion following 50 years apart.

Susan Atkins is reunited with her daughter Lisa Phillips, who she put up for adoption as a baby in the hope she would have a better life, on Monday's episode of Long Lost Family.

Talking about the reunion, Lisa revealed that she had a “happy childhood” but had wanted to find out who her birth mother was after finding out she was adopted from a young age and decided to do more research after her wedding day in 1992.

She emotionally said: “It's the yearning. Every year it gets deeper and deeper, now look at what I've got – I adore her!”

While Susan recalled that she was a young single mother at the time and that she decided to put Lisa up for adoption as a baby in the hope she would have a better life, adding: “Every day I thought of Lisa, not a moment went by without thinking about her.”

Lisa was raised by her adopted parents Sonia and Gerald Clark and she got in touch with Long Lost Family last year in the hope of finding her birth mother Susan, with presenter Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell able to track her down on Monday’s episode.

After airing an emotional preview clip of the reunion, chat show host Lorraine, 61, commented on how “emotional” it was to which a teary Lisa joked while wiping away tears: “I know, I know, I'm pathetic! You'll have to excuse me, honestly.”

Talking about their heart-warming reunion, Lisa revealed that she had wanted to find her birth mother from the age of 10 after watching a documentary with her adopted parents where she thought: "That's me!"

Lisa said: “I've only left it half a century but it was in respect obviously of my mum and dad.”

While her birth mother Susan added: “Every day I thought of Lisa, not a moment went by without thinking about her… but I was always afraid.

“I was contemplating trying to find her, but then I thought: 'It's not my place. I will be interfering in her mum and dad’s life.’ I couldn’t bring myself to upset them… I am so glad she found me.”

Susan recalled that when she put Lisa up for adoption, she asked that her birth name could remain and that she is “so grateful” that her “wonderful” adoptive parents – Sonia and Gerald – honoured that.

Talking about the moment they reunited for the first time, Lisa sweetly said: “She is absolutely stunning, all I saw were those eyes and the love she's had for me for 50 years and I am so grateful I have had such a beautiful life.

“I can't explain it. You are absolutely beautiful and I cannot thank you enough because I know it was a really hard sacrifice and I am nothing but grateful to you. I love you to bits.”

To which Susan replied: “I love you all the world, seriously.”

Asked whether she was nervous before meeting for the first time, Lisa said: “There's an apprehension of course there is, is she going to like me? Is it going to work out?

“But with the show, when you look at a photograph, I couldn't understand how you could have a connection with a photograph, and as soon as I saw that beautiful woman there, that was my mama.”

Talking about her life now, Lisa sweetly added: “I've got mum Sonia, I've got my mama Sue and I've also got a beautiful mother-in-law and I love you all.”

Lorraine airs on weekdays at 9am on ITV while Long Lost Family airs at 9pm on ITV on Monday.

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