Loose Women viewers slam Coleen Nolan after she fails to address feud claims on-air

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Coleen Nolan has come under fire from fans after reports emerged claiming multiple Loose Women panellists were refusing to work with her on the ITV daytime show. Coleen denied the claims and promised to discuss the matter on Monday’s programme. However, viewers were left angered when the star failed to mention the matter on Monday’s show.

Over the weekend, reports were published claiming some Loose Women panellists were refusing to work with Coleen on the show.

Nadia Sawalha, Stacey Solomon and Carol McGiffin were reported to have told ITV bosses they did not want to appear on Loose Women alongside her.

However, both ITV and Coleen have denied the claims.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, the star reassured her followers: “Nothing printed in The Mail article today is true [and] I am taking legal advice about the slurs on me personally. We’ll also be addressing it on @loosewomen. Thanks for your support. Love Coleen xx.”

On Monday morning she Tweeted again, promising: “It will be discussed today on Loose Women. 12.30pm on ITV.”

However, when the show aired, Coleen failed to mention the reports and speculation.

As a result, angry viewers took to Twitter to call out the star for not delivering her promise.

@21st_Digit fumed: “It’ll be hard to believe a word you say from now on. I don’t believe you’ll ever mention this on-air.” (sic).

“Gutted nothing was addressed on LW,” @cjsmammy1 added.

“So when was this discussed?” @Frankie88136296 questioned.

However, after seeing that several fans were disappointed, Coleen took to Twitter herself to explain why she didn’t speak about the rumours on the show.

She Tweeted: “I’m so sorry we couldn’t say what we planned to today but my lawyer advised me to go through the legal process, but rest assured you will hear the outcome of this and I will share it when I can. Thank you all for your support as ever, Love Coleen x.”

However, some fans came to Coleen’s defence and supported her decision to not address the rumours live on-air.

@hallerackit wrote: “I don’t see how it’s any of the public’s business who you do and don’t get along with. For total strangers to be furious with you not sharing your personal business is madness.”

“You have a lot of supporters Colleen and are well respected and loved hope it gets cleared up soon,” @christi20209017 added.

The allegations against Coleen come after her agent took a swipe at Nadia Sawalha back in August.

The Loose Women stars were rumoured to have clashed over a tweet sent by talent agent Melanie Blake.

Melanie wrote: “It’s a shame she ‘officially ‘ gave up acting because Nadia deserves an Oscar for this speech.

“In 20 years of repping clients, I never saw a nastier side to anyone than I did of her [and] I’m not alone.

“Her constant ‘be kind’ etc speeches are so ironic considering she is a total witch,” she concluded.

Following Melanie’s highly critical remarks, reports of an ongoing feud between Coleen and Nadia have continued.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12:30pm on ITV.

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