‘Love, Death & Robots’ Trailer: Season 2 to Premiere on Netflix in May

“Love, Death & Robots,” the animated anthology series from Tim Miller and David Fincher, is coming back to Netflix May 14 for Season 2. Netflix unveiled the trailer for the show’s sophomore season on Monday.

The upcoming season will include eight new animated shorts. Netflix also announced that the show had been renewed for an eight-episode Season 3, which will premiere sometime in 2022. Per Netflix, the show’s logline reads:

Otherworlds, naked giants, and robots-gone-wild clash in this anthology of adult animated stories executive produced by Tim Miller, David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, and Joshua Donen.

Jennifer Yuh Nelson (who worked with Tim on “Kung Fu Panda 2” and its sequel) joined Season 2 as supervising director.

The series, stylized as “Love, Death + Robots,” is an adult anthology series where each episode is animated by a unique crew hailing from a variety of countries. The series serves as a re-imagining of 1981’s cult hit “Heavy Metal” sci-fi anthology film, which was notorious for its violence and sexual themes. As for “Love, Death & Robots” Season 2, the show’s new trailer begins on a lighter, surprisingly philosophical note, but soon makes clear that the show won’t skimp on gritty sci-fi action and more comedic moments.

IndieWire’s Ben Travers had mixed feelings about the show’s first season — he referred to it as “too often hyper-masculine and half-baked” in his grade C review in 2019 — but added that the show had several commendable traits.

“‘When the Yogurt Took Over’ is cute in tone, concept, and style; ‘Fish Night’ uses rotoscoping to stimulating effect; and ‘Three Robots’ earns big points for incorporating cats and avoiding objectification,” Travers said in his review. “As a celebration of animation’s potential, the series works to the extent that many of these miniature creations are given maximum viewpoints — rich with textures, details, and savvy techniques, most of the episodes will give you more than a few aesthetics to admire at once.”

Check out the trailer for “Love, Death & Robots” Season 2 below:

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