Love is Blind season 3 was filmed in a new city

Love Is Blind: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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Love is Blind returned for its third season last week, and already fans are obsessed with its stars. From bragging ballet dancers to a businessman making the most of his eyedrops, the Netflix dating show has been proving popular once again. Here’s everything there is to know about where season three of Love is Blind was shot.

Where was Love is Blind season 3 filmed?

Love is Blind season one was shot in Atlanta in 2018 but didn’t actually debut on Netflix until two years later in February 2020.

The series came out just before the coronavirus pandemic, so many subscribers enjoyed spending their lockdowns binge-watching the reality series.

Just a month later, the show was renewed for a second outing, but because of COVID-19, filming didn’t occur until April 2021.

The cast and crew left Atlanta behind for series two and headed to Chicago.

Once again, the show opted for another new city to find their next lot of singletons.

Season three of Love is Blind was filmed in Dallas, Texas, which is where the dating pods were set up.

It is also where all of the stars live, so distance cannot be an issue for any of them when it comes to pursuing their relationships.

The city where the series mostly takes place wasn’t the only different location used.

Netflix viewers are taken to an entirely different honeymoon spot once the engaged couples leave the pods.

The first two series saw them spend quality time together at a resort in Mexico.

However, season three’s honeymoons took place in Malibu, California, which was “strictly because of COVID, if we’re being honest,” the series co-host Vanessa Lachey explained to Bustle.

The filming timeline needed to be more compact due to the impact of the pandemic so staying within the States was the easiest way to ensure everyone had quarantined and tested appropriately.

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Co-presenter Nick Lachey talked about the benefits of changing the city in each series.

He said: “Every season’s different, and what makes it so intriguing is every city tends to be different.

“Chicago was very different from Atlanta, very different from Dallas.”

Vanessa added that “Malibu was a beautiful setting” for the honeymoon scenes.

The first four episodes of season three came out on Wednesday, October 19.

Episodes five to seven are going to come out this week on Wednesday, October 26, on Netflix.

The next two will then be out on November 2, and the final two instalments the following week on November 9.

Love is Blind is available to watch on Netflix.

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