Love Island fans convinced Curtis and Maura had sex on the sofa under the duvet last night – The Sun

CURTIS Pritchard and Maura Higgins had sex on the sofa under the duvet last night, claim Love Island fans.

The kinky pair have been getting intimate every night since they recoupled – and enjoyed their first date on last night's show.

And before squeezing oranges together on their fruity date, the pair got hot and heavy on the sofa away from the other Islanders.

They set up their bed on the sofa in the relative privacy of the living room.

Then Maura appeared to straddle Curtis as they covered themselves with the duvet.

And viewers rushed to Twitter to suggest the pair were having sex on the show again.



Last week – before the recoupling – the pair got frisky on the daybed.

There was a lot of rumpy pumpy under the sheets as they new couple got intimate – with Curtis keeping his socks on throughout the rendezvous.

It's thought the pair got intimate for the second night in a row after they were seen writhing below the covers outside just 24 hours before.

A warning about "scenes of a sexual nature" was aired right before the X-rated scenes.

Curtis called her a 'naughty girl' before they disappeared under the sheets. Moments later Curtis emerged and gasped: "Well, I didn't expect that to happen."

The next morning the pair seemed very happy with each other.


And Curtis acted coy in front of the boys as he described his night of passion.

"I don't know what Curtis got up to last night but at least he was wearing protection – his socks," Iain Sterling quipped.

"There was just a lot of grinding," he insisted.

Clearing things up in the Beach Hut he said: "Nothing happened in that way but Maura is a girl that knows what she wants and knows what she's doing."

But whispering to Tommy under a cushion, Curtis said: "Right bro. All I can say is, it was hot."

Tommy gasped: "Jesus Christ. Just a bit of thrusting. You dirty man."

The pair, who only decided to start a relationship last week, have had a hot and heavy time of it.

On their first night together they pulled the duvet over their heads for what the ballroom dancer later described as a "hot, sweaty and close" encounter with the Irish grid girl.

Even voiceover man Iain Stirling poked fun at what has gone on under the covers, saying: "Maura and Curtis have just spent their first night together.

"Turns out she's a big fan of Curtis' dancing. At one point I definitely heard Maura say she was very impressed with his polka."

The 23-year-old lad was earlier seen stripping down to his pants, telling Maura: "Just call me Elton John. A bit of roleplay."

Maura, 28, replied: "I don't fancy Elton John" – before he hopped into bed alongside her.

Some fans pointed out that Curtis's heartbroken ex Amy Hart – who quit the villa after they split – would have been horrified if she was tuning in at home.


As The Sun revealed, Anna and Jordan appeared to be the first couple to have sex on the show – but then denied it.

After their night of passion, Jordan was seen asking: "Last night was unreal. Did you enjoy it?"

She said she did. However, she later asked him: “Tell the guys we didn’t have sex.”


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