Love Island fans livid as Hugo keeps saying he's 'moving mad' and vow to complain to Ofcom over cultural appropriation

LOVE Island fans have threatened to report Hugo Hammond to Ofcom over his repeated use of the phrase ‘moving mad’.

The 22-year-old used the expression, which is a slang term meaning to do something out of character, on numerous occasions as he discussed his plans for Casa Amor.

But those watching at home weren’t keen on him saying it, with some even suggesting it was cultural appropriation.


While someone else tweeted: “When Hugo says “Move Mad” it gives cultural appropriation.”

Another added: “I’m sending Ofcom complaints for Hugo saying “moving mad” constantly #LoveIsland.”

And a further person remarked: “Hugo has just inspired a million middle class white kids to start telling everyone they're ''moving mad'' and he should be voted out for that.”

"Hugo is not moving mad. Hugo is moving out. Rent is due. C'mon. #loveisland," added another.

Fans of the show were also left cringing as they watched him try to chat up Amy after weeks of failing to find a romantic connection. 

Hugo was the only boy to enter Casa Amor totally single, and should have had his pick of the six girls grafting the hunks for a permanent spot in the villa.

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But he was delivered a blow on the first night when he asked to share a bed with Amy only for her to say she'd already asked Tyler.

However, after a day of grafting he managed to persuade her to share a bed with him.

And on tonight’s episode, viewers will see him kiss her for the first time as he finally makes a move. 

Hugo is currently in a friendship couple with Chloe, who rejected his romantic advances earlier this week.

Prior to that the 22-year-old rejected advances from new girl Georgia, friend-zoned AJ and sister-zoned Sharon.

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