Love Island fans surprised as Lucinda spotted crying day after Brads exit

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Love Island fans were sympathetic towards Lucinda Stafford on Wednesday evening, as they realised she had deep feelings for the most recently dumped contestant.

Brad McClelland agreed to leave the show and give Lucinda his place in the competition, hoping to give her the opportunity to enjoy the villa.

While Lucinda was upset on the night of the elimination, her feelings didn’t fade overnight, and she was pictured crying in one of Brad’s hoodies the following morning.

The Love Islanders gathered around her in a show of support, encouraging her to think of Brad as a long-distance boyfriend.

Meanwhile, watching from home, viewers were surprised by Lucinda’s show of emotion, the true extent of her feelings for Brad coming to the surface.

One Twitter user wrote: "Nah her eyes are even swollen from all that crying … ehhhh this one is serious love."

"Crying over man? If this is what love does to people, I don’t want any of it," added a second.

And a third agreed: "There’s no way she’s still crying!"

While a fourth wondered whether Lucinda ought to have left with Brad, writing: "All that crying for what??? She could’ve left with him instead of choosing to stay behind."

Lucinda contemplated leaving the villa with labourer Brad, but he persuaded her to stay, pointing out she'd only spent one week on the show.

He told the cameras: "Her journey in there is short, it’s only just beginning. I’d feel selfish taking that away from her."

Brad admitted he hoped a relationship with Lucinda would work on the outside, but wouldn't judge her for dating someone else in the villa.

When asked whether he wished Lucinda left with him, Brad said: "On the night, it was one of them situations where, I didn’t want her to leave [with me].

"The way we had a connection, it would be really nice to take what we had and continue it on the outside.

"I woke up this morning and I wish we had left together. I want to see where that could have went. Not being able to speak to Cind, or ask her where she’s at, I want to know how she’s woke up this morning."

How will Brad feel when he sees Lucinda was reduced to tears by his exit?

Love Island airs on weekdays and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

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