Love Island: Georgia Harrison SLAMS ‘shady’ Maura Higgins for watching Amy Hart cry then proceed to flirt with Curtis Pritchard in exclusive OK! online column

What on earth is happening in this villa? Not one couple is safe in there right now!

We’ve got Amy and Curtis coming to a crashing halt, and Anna flitting between Jordan and Ovie – the only couple who seem safe is Molly-Mae and Tommy, but even they have Lucie constantly sniffing around to get back with him.

Here's my views on the antics over the last few days…

Maura is playing a very shady game

So Maura has just come out and revealed she likes Curtis – WHAT! Did anyone in the world see that coming?

To be quite honest, I think Maura’s playing the best – albeit, very rude – game she can. Team up with a boy who is – well, was – the most loved in the villa, and because he's newly single he'll need a girl to keep him on the show. Genius. But it is incredibly shady of her to do so after watching Amy go through absolute hell, crying her eyes out in front of her. It's certainly not the friends vibes that Anna and Amber have together, that's for sure.

Maura has proved she’s ruthless when it comes to finding love, so she won’t feel too bad about hurting Amy – but it could be a match made in heaven. Still, I can’t help but think she’ll eat him alive if she gets her hands on him. She doesn’t have many other options, and her currently partner is not the most exciting lad in there – it's going to be interesting what she does next.

Amy’s heart is set to break

On the other side of the coin, we have lovely Amy. I think we all felt it when Curtis ruthlessly told her he didn’t want to be with her anymore, and I could feel her heart break through my screen.

Having to watch Maura dance with him – the sex-obsessed gorgeous Irish queen – is going to be so mentally draining, I really hope she’s got the support she needs.

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This guy is her first love, and having to watch that happen is going to be devastating for her. I’m all for tough love, but Curtis probably could have been a little bit nicer with his words – it’s a side of him I never saw before.

Lucie is getting embarrassing

Why oh why does Lucie keep going for Tommy, it’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen all week.

Props to Molly-Mae, however, for completely handling the situation with grace. She calmly spoke to Lucie about her feelings, and was very respectful not to raise her voice once.

Meanwhile, Lucie and George’s relationship has about as much chemistry as a boiled egg. She probably should have chosen Stevie, as they seemed to have got on better. But you always want what you can’t have, and that’s exactly what Lucie has with Tommy – but give it a rest now, please!

Speak soon guys, Georgia xxx

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