Love Island hit by Ofcom complaints over Millie's heartbreaking discovery that Liam cheated

LOVE Island has been hit by 1000s of Ofcom complaints over the infamous Casa Amor postcard.

The contestants were split into two villas last week as the ultimate test of their affection for each other.

However, Casa Amor was too tempting for some – with the boys engaging in kisses in and out of challenges.

The worst case was Liam, who ended up kissing Lillie to see where things went.

On the other hand, Teddy remained faithful to Faye as one of the only two boys to sleep on the day beds at night.

But the postcard also saw him kissing a girl during a game of Truth and Dare on the first night.

Despite this, the postcard showed everyone but Jake kissing another woman – leaving Faye devastated.

She decided to couple up with Sam, leaving Teddy returning to the villa on his own.

The show received a huge 4330 complaints on July 28, with a further 699 on July 30 – when Teddy returned to the villa alone.

Many of the angry viewers on Twitter suggested the postcard was "misleading".

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Luckily, fans ended up in tears in a different way – as Teddy and Faye reunited on Sunday.

The couple agreed to go for a chat on the terrace and immediately got close together – with even Faye putting a pillow down between them.

Faye spoke about how she felt after seeing the postcard: "Got the postcard, screaming, lie down on the floor literally just take me. And I just sobbed. Because I felt like I already knew what I had."

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Teddy replied: "What you had or still have?"

Faye replied: "Well I don't know. I feel like you just f***** it."

Teddy suggested: "I f***** it? I think we both f***** it.

Faye conceded: "I think we both f***** it too."

Teddy then said: Temporary though, isn't it?"

They then spoke about the postcard again, with Teddy saying it was just a game and Faye admitting she didn't know about it.

Teddy also let slip that he was jealous at the thought of her kissing someone else – before leaning in for a kiss.

The pair then snogged on the terrace as dramatic music played.

Fans were incredibly happy about the kiss, with one person saying: "Teddy and Faye to win, this is a true love story"

Another added: "YES!!!!! Faye and Teddy to win please!!!!!!!"

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