Love Island star thinks red flag Luca just wants to be in with Michael Owen

Love Island stunner Hannah Elizabeth has slammed Luca Bish for being "possessive" and wanting to be with Gemma Owen for her famous dad.

The series one star opened up about her thoughts on the new series on a Facebook Live chat earlier this week.

When talking about this year's cast, she said: "When it started, I couldn't really warm to Gemma at first with her personality and stuff but now I absolutely love her and now I get her personality she is a babe.

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"But Luca, mhmm… What is he all about? He is just sending the red flags here, there and everywhere.

"That movie night, he was kicking off for absolutely nothing she didn't do anything wrong. It was a bit like eee, eee, eee," as she did the Psycho impression.

"It was a bit possessive, wasn't it? I don't know I'm just not feeling Luca and people are saying about some bullying Tasha he really is going in for her and I just don't understand why.

She continued: "Apparently Gemma's mum made a tweet or something saying about him bullying…

"Do you know what babe, I have said this from day one I'm not convinced by him I don't know if he's got a different motive?

"Like when Ikenna left he apparently said that on the third day that's when they found out who her dad was, and all of a sudden Luca was all obsessed with her.

"She's absolutely gorgeous and everything but I don't know, does he want to be in with Michael Owen? Does he want to be in with the public? I don't know but I'm not convinced."

Hannah also hit out at ITV after claiming that she and her castmates were told it was a family show – and under the impression that they wouldn't air any X-rated scenes.

The glamour model starred on the show back in 2015 alongside the likes of Jon Clark and Jessica Hayes.

Hannah coupled up with former TOWIE star Jon in the villa and "christened the house" after getting down and dirty in the Hideaway.

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When talking about how they don't air such scenes in the current series, she said: "Now all of a sudden, they decide not to show anything, we're all fuming, it's so annoying.

"When we did Love Island, they told us 'don't worry, it's a family show', well, you could see all kinds going on.

"They said it's a family show, so we thought they won't show anything but they did but it's one of them."


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