Love Island star Yewande’s savage dig at Arabella as she snubs her on Aftersun

Love Island star Yewande Biala made a savage dig at Arabella Chi by refusing an offer to make peace with her on Aftersun tonight.

The Irish stunner was on the show tonight along with her former love rival, who was dumped out of the villa just days after Yewande.

During her interview, host Caroline Flack offered to mediate a truce between the pair by getting them together for a chat – but Yewande turned her down.,

She explained her decision by saying she's not friends with Arabella and didn't want anything between them to feel "awkward" or "forced".

The scientist said: "She's a lovely girl but I didn't really get to know her in the villa.

"It's a bit awkward when the other girl is trying to steal your man.

"We don't have that friendship. It would be forced."

The pair were in the same room but kept apart during Arabella's interview.

Yewande was sat in the audience and couldn't resist chiming in at certain points.

Caroline asked Arabella about kiss Danny after Yewande's dumping and the Irish stunner ask her how long she waited.

Arabella then confessed it was "about an hour".

Yewande was seen spluttering with fury as she said: "Well… then".

However, they did end up sitting next to each other for the last part of the show.

Arabella remained quite positive about Danny, but Yewande slammed Danny as fake.

The model agreed that there should be no hard feeling between the women as it's Danny who is to blame for all the snakiness.

Yewande got dumped when Danny ditched her for Arabella, but the blonde model got booted days later after a brutal public vote.

It left her and Danny vulnerable and it was up to the other Islanders to decide who went home.

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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