Love Island's Liberty breaks down in tears as she tells shocked Kaz she's dumped Jake before quitting the villa

LOVE Island star Liberty Poole is seen sobbing in a preview of tonight's show after it was revealed she has quit the villa.

She and Jake Cornish have abandoned the show three days before the final they were once destined to win.

A preview released today showed her telling Kaz that she has finished with Jake after dumping him while she was away on a date.

She tells her: "I broke up with Jake" leaving the fashion blogger recoiling in horror and covering her mouth.

As Liberty starts to cry, Kaz comforts her saying: "You're one of the strongest, most beautiful, most intelligent people I've ever met in my entire life."

Liberty,21, sniffs: "Thanks, babe."

Kaz goes on: "You may not have felt you found love in Jake, but I've found love in you" making her laugh.

Viewers last night saw Jake and Liberty splitting – with her telling him: "I don't feel like that you love me for me. I want someone who loves me for me."

And today it was revealed they have quit the show and left the villa just days before the final.

Thursday's previews showed them returning to the TV house after a heart-to-heart on a boat and saying they had an announcement to make.

The decision comes just ahead of the show's big finale on Monday, which they had long been expected to win until their relationship went off the rails.

Liberty's mum is already in Majorca, after flying out to the Spanish island for the episode where the Islanders meet their partner's parents.

Viewers last night saw Liberty and Jake split up after he made remarks about her messiness and they bickered over a selfie of them together.

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She handed back the bracelet he gave her when they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend after breaking down in tears and fleeing the villa.

Explaining her decision to pal Faye she said: "I can just tell that I'm giving him the ick over little things like being messy and I would rather walk out being me.

"If I'm going someone 100 per cent energy and I'm not getting it in return then I'd rather walk out here, Faye, with my head held high knowing I stayed true to myself the whole way through.

'Even though I didn't find love, I found self-love and I wouldn't change myself for anyone."

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