Love Island's Millie ISN'T Liam's type – but his head won't be turned, claims his sister

LOVE Island’s Millie Court is not Liam Reardon’s type — but his head won’t be turned, his sister claims.

She says the Welsh lad, 21, normally goes for brunettes although insists if a bombshell matching his criteria on paper came into the villa he wouldn’t be swerved.

Niamh said:I definitely, 100 per cent think Liam and Millie are well suited.

“Technically on paper his type is more brunette but there’s just something about Millie because I can tell when my brother fancies a girl and he absolutely fancies the pants off her.

“I’m just really, really chuffed that they’re bouncing off one another and their personalities match so much.”

Speaking to The Sun’s About Last Night show, she went on: “I definitely think it’ll be hard for Liam’s head to be turned now especially as their personalities seem to be hitting it off really well, plus she’s drop dead gorgeous.

“So I just don’t know if there’s going to be anyone else to match up to Millie.”

Niamh’s comments come after Liam and blonde stunner Millie, 24, spent a night in the Hideaway.

I can tell when my brother fancies a girl and he absolutely fancies the pants off her

After coming out of the isolated room, he told the rest of the boys they "kept it PG”.

The fashion buyer’s administrator from Essex stripped to her lacy lingerie in front of the stunned bricklayer from Merthyr Tydfil.

Liam was originally coupled up with Faye Winter but when Millie entered as a bombshell he soon formed a couple with her.

Bookmaker Ladbrokes now has the couple as sixth favourite, with odds at 12/1, to win the ITV2 show.

But Liam’s sister hinted a strong relationship will blossom and even says he has already chosen a wedding song.

Niamh said: “One thing people don’t know about Liam, it’s actually quite hard for me to answer, he doesn’t have that many secrets.

“He doesn’t have that many skeletons in the closet.

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“But he’s actually got his wedding song planned.

“It’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye. He absolutely loves this song. He plays it every time he goes out to drink. He absolutely loves it.”

She added: “I think Liam’s doing a brilliant job in the villa.

“His personality’s coming out a lot more as the days go on. And you can just see he’s getting a lot more comfortable.

“His friendships are building within the villa and it’s just so nice to see that other people can see the Liam that we get to have all the time.

“Us as a family are so, so proud of him.”

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