Lucifer fans call out plot hole with time jumps spanning 'thousands of years' between Earth and Hell

LUCIFER fans have called out a plot hole with time jumps spanning ‘thousands of years’ between Earth and Hell. 

During the show’s original run on Fox, the King of the Damned explained that one minute on the mortal plane is supposedly akin to one thousand years in the underworld. 

However, when the series returned to Netflix last month some viewers were left  unconvinced as to whether these storylines always added up. 

At the end of season four, Lucifer banished himself to Hell after it became clear that he had to take back control of the demonic forces running amok. 

Comparing the two explanations of the perceived time conversion over the different series, one perceptive viewer took to Reddit to query the maths equation. 

Referring to an episode in series two where Lucifer has to stop the heart of deranged Professor Carlisle in order to save Chloe,  they posted: “I don’t buy the ‘thousands of years have passed’ idea!

“If the math is correct then each minute on earth is like a year in hell, which also means that when Lucifer was in hell getting the antidote to save Chloe he had all the time in the world to do so.”

In the episode Lucifer finds Carlisle in Hell to demands the whereabouts of an antidote, springing back to reality only seconds later on Earth despite feeling like he had spend years in the serial blackmailer’s torture chamber.

This paradox is also used to back up Michael’s character changes when he arrives at the beginning of season five. 

When Chloe’s alarm bells go off, he puts his change in personality and temperament down to the ‘thousands of years’ spent in Hell that have ultimately changed him.  

However, another fan commented: “It’s a pretty clear inconsistency, unless time in hell fluctuates. It's always longer in hell than on earth, but the exact ratio may constantly be changing.”

Another viewer theorised that perhaps Hell and Earth’s times are constantly shifting and there is no specific equation to calculate the relative timelines

They wrote: “Making it sort of another punishment, you can never really know how long you are in hell relative to earth.”

Lucifer’s Hell is different from the usual images of brimstone and fire, pokers and devils in red latex outfits. 

Dressed in sharp suits and backed up with a series of demonic actors, each soul must live in a time loop of their darkest moment. Reliving it again and again in a constant state of agitation, fear and stress. 

Lucifer Season 5, Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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