Married At First Sight Australia star Jessika Power and rapper Filip in explosive break-up as she slams him on Instagram

MARRIED At First Sight Australia star Jessika Power and rapper Filip Poznanovic have split after explosive claims.

The 29-year-old slammed her ex-boyfriend on social media, as they both shared wild accusations about their relationship.

The pair, who were together for just three months, have taken a series of jabs at each other as their break-up got messy.

Jessika announced the split in a length post, claiming that she was left feeling "broken" and "completely taken advantage of".

The reality star hit back at her ex for being "nasty" about her on social media and urged him to "leave her alone".

She wrote: "I allowed him into my home, nursed him back to health after he broke his leg, allowed him to live rent free, fed him, lent money."

Jessika went on to claim that Filip also boasted about how his rap career and following had grown since dating her.  

She added: "He wants to be nasty and has only ever spoken about his rap career and how many followers he has gained from being with me.

"I should have seen it for what it was before it got to this but it seems I have a bigger heart than most."

The MAFS star publicly called an end to their bitter feud, adding: "You leave me alone and I'll leave you.

"He knows what he's done but he also knows that I always loved him….just not enough (clearly)."

The aspiring rapper hit back on social media fuming that she was posting "spiteful" claims.

Speaking to his fans, he said: "Jess is a good person, but she's a bad girlfriend.

"Let's not play these games…I've got s**t on you and you've got s**t on me. Let's not go out and hurt each other."

He added that the pair had decided to mutually end their relationship and said he was aware Jessika was friends with her exes, but never became jealous during their relationship.

He told the Mail: "We agreed to end it mutually and not be nasty. Jessika has a good heart and she's an amazing friend, but as a partner she's not what I expected her to be.

"I love her and I'm still in love with her. But I'm not going to let love blind me, because she's 'famous'."

However, Jessika has since denied claims she was speaking to other guys.

She told the Mail: "It’s just the easiest narrative to lame on me because of my portrayal on a tv show.

"We were really good friends before we dated. It's just been recent that we decided that we are better as friends."

The blonde beauty has since deleted any evidence of their relationship including all of their loved-up snaps.

Jessika went public with the rapper, who goes by the hip hop pseudonym Filthy Fil, in January.  

She rose to fame on the 2019 series of Married At First Sight Australia, which has only recently aired in the UK.

Brits were left shocked as they watched her scandalous affair with fellow contestant Dan unfold – behind both of their spouses' backs.

Dan and Jess ended up splitting live on air following the explosive reunion show.

Jessika recently revealed her pain over hurting her ex-husband Mick and love rival Tamara, admitting it's "hard to watch" herself back on the hit Aussie reality show.

Jessika admitted that she's done a lot of growing up after she was left "heartbroken" from her split with Dan.

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