Married at First Sight UK teases most explosive series yet as hot singles – with nothing in common – tie the knot

MARRIED at First Sight UK has teased it's most explosive series yet with a new trailer ahead of its return to E4 later this summer.

The explosive Australian instalment of the hit series had viewers on the edge of their seat earlier this year when it aired on E4.

And the UK incarnation is looking to do the same with by getting Aussie relationship expert Mel Schilling involved in the upcoming series alongside Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas.

The newly-released trailer is parodies the show and features a perplexed priest, bridal party and wedding guests as they joke the couple have nothing in common.

Notably none of the stars from the upcoming series are featured in the teaser.

The trailer comes after it was reported that the UK series has added a sex therapist to the panel of experts as filming for the raunchy Australian-style new series continues.


Following the success of the Aussie version of the show, UK bosses decided to revamp the British series.

One of those changes to MAFS UK includes the introduction of Charlene Douglas, who joins fellow relationship experts Mel Schilling and Paul C. Brunson.

The trio will help guide the new couples through the early stages of married life.

London-based Charlene will work with the newlyweds as they navigate their new relationships and get to know their partners on a more intimate level.

At each commitment ceremony, she’ll spend time getting to know and understanding the dynamics of each couple.

I am delighted to be joining this new series

Speaking about joining the series, Charlene told Channel 4: "I am delighted to be joining this new series of Married at First Sight UK.

"This is a brand-new role for the show and it is important to remember that these couples have just met and are going to be getting to know each other quickly.

"I’m really looking forward to getting to know them all and digging deeper into their relationships and finding new ways for them to connect on a more intimate level.

"It’s also really interesting to bring my knowledge alongside the expertise of Mel and Paul. As a trio, I think we will make a really great team.”

The Sun revealed back in April how filming had begun on the new show.

Expert has Mel is also new to the series and has come over from Down Under to matchmake British singletons.

The Sun previously revealed it's set to be the "wildest" series yet after taking inspiration from the soaring popularity of the latest Australian instalment.

The show will air on E4 later this year, but an exact air date is to be revealed.

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