MasterChef fans appalled as ANOTHER contestant serves up raw meat – and the judges run out of patience

MASTERCHEF fans have been left appalled as ANOTHER contestant serves up raw meat – and the judges run out of patience.

Viewers could not believe it when they saw the dish which was clearly undercooked.

The disappointing meal was prepared by contestant Mike as he battled against Alexina, Jim and Kerry for a place in the BBC show's quarter-final.

Mike's choice of meal was Indian-style lamb cutlets placed on a bed of chappatis.

But this time around hosts John Torode and Gregg Wallace were not the only ones to critique the food, with past Masterchef champions Steve Wallis and Dean Edwards in the studio.

"The lamb chop, there’s a great big piece of undercooked fat on mine," commented previous winner Steve.

"Whatever he has marinated this is nice, but it lacks earthiness, it lacks depth."

While Dean complimented the bhaji on the plate but said of the meat: "It's a little undercooked."

Before correcting himself and added: "…a lot undercooked."

There was no praise for Mike's dish from host Gregg either.

He said honestly: "That lamb cutlet isn’t cooked. Not just the fat, the flesh, it isn’t cooked properly."

On the chapati, John commented: "I’ve got a piece of bread that actually looks more like raw bread dough – that’s raw bread dough, it’s not cooked."

Reflecting on his offerings, Mike was in no doubt he'd not presented his best.

"It was a complete whirlwind, that main I’m not thrilled but I can’t change anything," he said.

Taking to Twitter, viewers vented their frustrations on the regular occurrence of undercooked meat on the show.

One wrote: "Why can’t people cook lamb? Every year every episode raw lamb #MasterChef".

Another commented: "This year’s #Masterchef is just The Raw Lamb Show."

"I’m doing a slab of raw meat and undercooked potatoes, enjoy," joked one viewer.

One tweeted: "Raw meat klaxon AGAIN. #MasterChef".

Mike poor timings meant he was sent home along with fellow contestant Jim, leaving Alexina and Kerry joining those already in the quarter-final.

This series of the show has been plagued with dishes containing undercooked meat – raw lamb in particular.

Last week saw Stefan serve up a raw rack of lamb to judges – and still make it into the semi-final.

While contestant Christian, made not one, but TWO dishes containing raw lamb – one of which presenter Gregg refused to eat.

Masterchef airs next Monday 9pm on BBC One.

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