Max George reveals he and Tom Parker are pushing for a reunion of The Wanted

THE WANTED left fans wanting so much more when they called it a day seven years ago.

But now singer Max George has revealed he is eager to get the group back together — a full decade on from their last chart-topping single, Glad You Came.

In an exclusive interview, Max said he wasn’t alone in wanting a reunion. Tom Parker, who is living with terminal cancer, is also said to be keen.

Max, whose other bandmates were Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran, said: “I have never hidden behind the fact that I personally would love to do it.

“I love the boys, the band, the buzz, the fans, the music . . . I love it all. I would love to do it again. I’ve spoken to Tom a lot and he was like, ‘Yeah, cool. If it happens, it happens’.

“Despite everything he is going through, I know Tom would do it tomorrow. The boys are all over the place doing their own thing. They are all really successful. But would I do it? A million per cent I would.”

Max reckons their music has stood the test of time, adding: “I hear it a lot still, so it feels like it has never gone anywhere. The music hasn’t aged and, for me, Glad You Came will be a summer banger forever.”

Max, who is the new host of Hits Radio’s new Friday Night Hits show from 7pm to 10pm, said life for him is now in the slower lane.

The teen heartthrob and 2020 Strictly Come Dancing contestant has been tamed by stunning model Stacey Giggs.

The couple, who have been dating since 2019, are in the process of trying to move house. But despite the trials and tribulations that can bring, Max says he has never been happier.

He told me: “I am settled — and I have never been fully settled before. I wasn’t as wild as people thought, but maybe I did need to calm down.

“I am very settled now. It is really nice, this feeling. We’re open to getting married and having kids, but we are so chilled about everything.”

Rita sis with rapper Giggs

RAPPER Giggs is dating Rita Ora's big sister Elena after the pair met through the singer.

The couple were seen checking into a 5-star hotel in Kent for a romantic tryst, with a dog in tow.

Onlookers say they looked cosy despite only hooking up recently.

A source said: “They all move in the same circles. Elena is involved with Rita’s management team so she travels with Rita all the time and they’ve really hit it off.

“He’s massively on the rise at the moment and they’re becoming a bit of a power couple but it’s early days too.

“It’s an exciting time for them, so they treated themselves to a bit of a getaway at a posh hotel out of town. They’re having a lot of fun.”

If Elena’s half as wild as her sister, Giggs is a lucky man.

Keeping it clean? No Kanye do

KANYE West has gone against his own no-swearing rule less than two years after saying he would no longer use bad language in his songs.

The born-again Christian insisted in 2019 he wouldn’t swear in his old hits during live performances.

He also said he intended to record new “George Lucas versions” of his biggest tracks without the bad language.

But the rapper appeared to have forgotten about that when he recorded his verse for the song Tell The Vision on Pop Smoke's second posthumous album, Faith, which was released yesterday.

Despite only rapping a total of 24 words in the song, one of those is the N-word.

That’s quite a contrast to 2019’s album Jesus Is King, his ninth studio album, which was squeaky clean.

With a new record expected later this year, I won’t even begin to guess what Kanye will do on it.

Indy has band aid

ANTONIO Banderas has bagged a mystery role in the upcoming Indiana Jones movie.

He’ll star alongside Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the as-yet-untitled film.

The movie is the fifth in the action franchise following 2008’s Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull and is expected to be set in 1969.

Antonio’s role is a closely guarded secret, as are details of the plot. But the film is being shot in Glasgow at the moment.

The production hit trouble when Harrison hurt his shoulder in a choreographed fight scene, forcing the screen veteran to take a break.

KSI left a bit short after crypto blow

KSI better hope his new album All Over The Place makes him a fortune because he clearly can’t rely on his financial instincts.

The YouTuber turned rapper, who released his second studio album yesterday, said he made a multimillion-pound profit investing in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin . . . but then lost the lot as its valued plunged in May.

He said: “I put £2million into Bitcoin last year, in November or December. I made £7million – and now I’ve lost it all. It’s been a full journey! I had to experience it.

“I had to really delve into the crypto space. And I fully understand it. I essentially leveraged myself and I over-leveraged myself, to a point where I lost money because of it. I got liquidated because of the Bitcoin crash.”

While I would be tearing my hair out after a blow like that, KSI’s not losing any sleep over it.

Speaking on the Private Parts Podcast, he added: “There’s no point in crying over spilt milk. I got lucky with the £7million, but I should have been smart – I should’ve taken it out.”

He is not doing too badly even without that, however. The Celebrity Gogglebox star and occasional boxer is now worth an estimated £20million.

That is partly down to an £8million property empire he bought with cash. With reserves like that, he can afford to be philosophical.

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