Mayor of Kingstown creator talks claustrophobic season 2 moment

Mayor of Kingstown: Jeremy Renner stars in dramatic trailer

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Season two of Mayor of Kingstown is well underway with the second episode airing on Sunday, January 22, on Paramount+. The prison drama is jam-packed with unexpected and intense moments with the show continuing to grip viewers since its initial debut last year. spoke to Mayor of Kingstown creator Hugh Dillon ahead of the premiere, teasing what’s to come in these new episodes.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Mayor of Kingstown.

Mayor of Kingstown season one concluded with a massive prison riot which led to countless deaths and investigations.

To protect themselves from the madness, Kingstown Police Department detective Ian Ferguson (played by Hugh Dillon) and Kyle McLuskey (Taylor Handley) hid in the sewers.

In real-life, the actors actually went to the sewers beneath the town to film these scenes.

While shooting underground might not have been the most pleasurable experience, Dillon focuses on the positive.

When asked what filming the sewer scenes was like by, Dillon explained: “Well claustrophobic of course!

“But for me, I created the show with Taylor Sheridan and I’m from this town, Kingstown, and it has nine penitentiaries.

“So for me, to be back home, shooting there, with Jeremy Renner, Dianne Wiest and Taylor Handley, in the decommissioned prison that I have driven by my entire life and had my friends, parents working there, it was part of my growing up.

“There was a profound sense of satisfaction artistically having never given up that dream.”

The consequences of the riot sees Mike trying to once again restore order but a lot of damage was done.

Among those most affected was Captain Moore (Michael Beach) who meets with a psychologist after it is reported he was sexually assaulted during the riot.

He remains adamant he wasn’t and is eager to get the all-clear to go back to work.

The psychologist ends up giving him the stamp of approval but the Captain clearly hasn’t dealt with the trauma.

He is later seen with prisoners who have bags over their heads and beat them senseless with a rifle.

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As of yet, it isn’t known how long Mayor of Kingstown season two will be on our screens.

An exact number of episodes haven’t yet been confirmed by Paramount+ but given series one had 10 instalments, this is likely to be the case again.

If so, bearing in mind a week or two could be taken off as part of scheduled breaks, the grand finale should air sometime near the end of March.

There have also been talks of a potential season three already in the works.

Creator Dillon is adamant this second series is going to be something viewers won’t want to miss.

He added: “This show is uncompromising, I’ve just got out of editing and it just explodes onto the screen after the prison riot and it’s hypnotic.

“If you’re a fan of the show, and even if you’re not a fan, there is a velocity in the film making and the storytelling that is compelling as soon as you start watching, you can’t look away.”

Mayor of Kingstown season 2 is available to watch every Sunday in the USA and every Monday in the UK on Paramount+.

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