Meghan could see The Crown as ‘karma’ claims royal commentator

Meghan Markle may see The Crown 'as karma' says host

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The Crown season five has already caused a major uproar and controversy over rumours of what viewers can expect to see. The latest instalment from Netflix is set to drop in November and will provide a dramatised look at the breakdown of then Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield joined GB News presenters Isabel Webster and Stephen Dixon on Monday morning where she admitted she felt like this may have been perceived as “karma” in Meghan Markle’s eyes, given the backlash the series has received for its skewing of real-life facts.

Kicking off the discussion and the attention the latest series of The Crown has received, Stephen began: “It continues to spark fury as critics claim that the Netflix programme portrays the royals in a negative light.”

Isabel continued: “The former Prime Minister, John Major has spoken over the weekend about scenes featuring the late Princess Diana before her death calling it a barrel of nonsense.

“I have to say, Kinsey, as a lover of The Crown, I do feel disappointed if they are fiddling too much with the truth because it just becomes as John Major describes it, nonsense.

“Sometimes I do wonder how many of the royals watch it. Is Meghan Markle sometimes watching this and thinking this is history?

“I also think of the boys [Prince Harry and Prince William], you know seeing your mum that you lost at 36 a really young mum, to see her at the front of the Daily Mail this morning, this lookalike character, to see your mum in pictures again having lost her like that.”

Kinsey explained: “The boys are in this upcoming season. Some could wonder if Meghan Markle looks at this as karma.

“She wasn’t able to tell her ‘truth’ and so the Royal Family has to deal with some of these nasty storylines that aren’t necessarily true but I do believe that.

“I have heard that Camilla the Queen Consort watches it and she likes the character who played her in season four and invited her to an event so I do know there are some members who watch it.

Camilla was quite kind about it but we don’t know what is coming for season five.”

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has also spoken out about the series and slammed the series a “barrel-load of nonsense”.

A spokesperson for John explained: “Sir John has not cooperated – in any way – with The Crown.

“Nor has he ever been approached by them to fact-check any script material in this or any other series.

“Discussions between the monarch and prime minister are entirely private and – for Sir John – will always remain so.”

They added: “There was never any discussion between Sir John and the then Prince of Wales about any possible abdication of the late Queen Elizabeth II – nor was such an improbable and improper subject ever raised by the then Prince of Wales (or Sir John).”

Isabel, Stephen and Kinsey touched on the comments made by him, in which he referred particularly to a fictional conversation between himself and the then-Prince Charles in the series.

Kinsey explained: “I think that that particular instance is frustrating him.

“One of the Queen Mothers’ biographers came out and said that he was horrified by The Crown so they are under a lot of scrutiny right now, and it doesn’t even drop until November 9.”

Stephen added: “It is crazy isn’t it because if they are doing in this series where people are paying a bit more attention to the facts because it is in our recent history.

“Beggar’s belief as to what they made up for the previous series.”

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