Mrs Brown’s Boys star ‘happy’ about leaving show as it had ‘soured’, pal says

Former Mrs Brown’s Boys star Gary Hollywood had told pals he has no regrets over quitting the show.

The actor walked away from the hit sitcom earlier this year after a row over pay.

And he is said to be “pleased” he is no longer part of the BBC show.

A source close to the star said: “Gary loved being on Mrs Brown’s Boys for a long time. But in recent years things soured and he wasn’t enjoying it as much anymore.

“There were issues around money that became a big issue. And then this year he was told he wasn’t included in one of the festive specials without any explanation.

"All of that made him feel like he wasn’t wanted.

“Since deciding to leave, he has felt much happier. He is glad to be away from the tension and drama that went on behind the scenes.

“He is now ready to take on new roles and show what he is capable of. He feels free and is excited about the future for the first time in a long time.”

Gary has been offered a string of big-money deals since news broke about him leaving his role as Dino Doyle.

Telly projects and a book deal are said to be on the table.

Earlier this year, an industry source said: “Gary has had a lot of interest since it emerged he’s left Mrs Brown’s Boys.

“The offers have been racking up.

"He’s already had some very promising meetings. The offers on the table will be great for his career and also pretty lucrative.”

Gary starred on Mrs Brown’s Boys for nine years.

At its peak the show was pulling in 11million viewers, but last year's Christmas Day episode had less than half that.

The BBC has signed a new deal which will keep the show on air until at least 2026.

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